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Nate Robinson Dunking

The little guy can fly. Nate Robinson dunking is defying gravity. It goes against every principal that Sir Isaac Newton formulated.

The height of his jumps, a mind-blowing 43.5 inches, the power and showmanship he brings is a rarity. Does he play with a chip on his shoulder, of course? At 5’9”, he has to be a little arrogant and cocky to play with the big boys. He not only plays with them he excels and leaps over them. Nate Robinson dunking should be no surprise.

He first dunked at the age of 13 and was 5’7’ tall. In high school he was named the 2002 AAA High School Player of the Year in basketball and football at Rainier Beach High School in Seattle. He was drafted in 2005 by the Phoenix Suns and was traded to the New York Knicks

In the 2006 NBA season he won his first Sprite Rising Stars Slam Dunk contest. He beat Andre Iguodala 141–140 in the first overtime in the history of the contest. He attempted his final dunk, 14 times before finally making it. The most exciting dunk was when he jumped over Spud Webb, while a basketball that Spud Webb bounced over his head. Spud Webb was the pioneer slam dunk specialist for little guys.

He played 13 years in the NBA and was the shortest person; at 5’7” too not only compete in the NBA contest he won it. Nate was paying homage to Spud Webb the 2006 NBA Rising Stars Slam Dunk Contest. He was unable to defend his slam dunk title in 2007 and lost to Gerald Green. Paul Pierce, Gerald Greens teammate, brought out a cardboard cutout of Nate Robinson to jump over. Upon seeing that Nate immediately came out and allow Gerald to jump over him.

He entered the slam dunk contest again in 2009. In the second round we retired to the locker room. After some time he reappeared dress in all green to represent “Kryptonate”, a juxtaposition of the word Kryptonite, to weaken his opponent superman, Dwight Howard, who was wearing a red superman shirt and cape. In his final dunk Nate Robinson, 5’9’ tall jumped over Dwight Howard, 6’11’ tall. It was an amazing sight on the visual effect was unbelievable.

Checkout this video…

Nate successfully defended his championship to win an unprecedented third win and has stated he is restring for the contest. It is one thing to win the slam dunk contest with no one challenging your shots. Nate Robison has a collection of incredible dunks during games.

He is fearless going to the rim and does something spectacular every night. The video from NBA showing Nate Robinson dunking is mind-boggling. These are in game dunks. They are one-handed, two-handed, off of an offensive rebound, from alley oop passes, one-on-one and a couple of tomahawk slams.

The archived footage of Spud Webb dunking in games is impressive but this collection of Nate Robinson’s dunks takes the category of little man dunking to another level. The reaction of the fans is great. They are mesmerized when he jams it down.
The look on their faces is one of disbelief. They are wondering if what they just saw was real. That type of reaction is reserved for the high flyers like King James, Kobe (The Black Mamba, MJ and Nique. Nate Robinson dunking draws the same reaction; the little man can soar and must be mentioned as one of the greatest dunkers in the game.


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