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More Than A Game

I can most definitely say that right now I see LeBron James with different eyes after watching this documentary. Here’s the trailer…

It makes you think a lot about goals and achieving things and basketball and life and fame and all that. These kids certainly had some swagger about them but at least they had the “right” to show it. When they weren’t focused and didn’t really care for improving they were plummeting. When they went out there and really took it to heart (the next time when they were shooting for national title) they went for the kill.

I come to respect LeBron much more after seeing this. I certainly love the rags to riches stories but it was like…when he was dirt poor and moving from place to place and having to meet new friends all the time, and not knowing whether he’ll have a place to sleep next night with his mom, he wasn’t complaining. He was strong. He found a father figure in his mom and he loved her and she loved him.

It’s really eye opening when you hear him talk about that experience. And it definitely reminds us that basketball is more than just a game. For millions of people is a unique way of expressing one’s self. For thousands of people it means saving lives. Not staying on the streets. Being good. Being productive. Have something to show for. Proving something. Proving you’re good. Proving you’re worthy.

The only mistake that I would say that he made was when he decided to get his hands on his $50.000 hammer. And in the movie he wasn’t showing that he regretted that. Even though he became ineligible to play for some time. He attracted so much attention, negative publicity and the media was after him. It was like he was magnified. But he just stood the ground. He didn’t budge.

And to know that after all the expectations people had for him and he managed to live up to their expectations is purely amazing of itself. Because he was crowned king before he stepped on the NBA court. He was the chosen one, before he scored a single bucket on the pro level.

He signed a deal with NIKE before even getting drafted. Now, that’s something. Most people would crush and lose composure. But not LeBron. He truly stood his ground and became, one of the best basketball players to ever play the game.


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