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Mike Dunleavy Sr.

One of the professional basketball players who have made a history in training his own joint for the professional basketball is Michael Dunleavy Sr.

He is a versatile athlete being a retired basketball player, a former coach and a former general manager as well. He has always worked with the National Basketball Association (NBA). He is a father of professional player Michael Dunleavy Jr. of the Indiana Pacers.

Michael Joseph Dunleavy was born on March 21, 1954 in Brooklyn at New York. Mike is married to Emily and has three sons; Michael Jr., William Baker and James. All of his children are into sports. He has learned from the Nazareth Regional High School. He was a shining student and has always fared in exams by gaining straight A’s.

He is fond of playing basketball and used to practice it from that time. Michael has rendered his services to the NBA being a Guard; in coaching and in playing as well. After the high school studies, Dunleavy has decided to join University of South Carolina.

He has graduated in Psychology from there and besides that he has continued his basketball playing. Being a player, Mike Dunleavy has played with overall four of the teams of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Similarly, he has been a coach of the four of the teams of NBA in his career.

It was 1976, when NBA has drafted a Guard of six feet and three inches to play in the basketball. This Guard was the Dunleavy. He was drafted in the 1976 NBA Draft by the selection of Philadelphia 76ers. He was selected on the 13 the overall pick and in the 6th round.

Initially he has played for two seasons with the Philadelphia 76ers. Then from the year 1978 to the year 1982; Houston Rockets have traded him. His stay with Houston was among the best one as he has averaged 10.5 points per game in his career.

In the season 1982-83, San Antonio Spurs have traded him and he maintained the three-point percentage while playing with them. Then he had played with the Milwaukee Bucks from 1983-1985 and in the season 1988-1990. He got retirement from the National Basketball Association (NBA) because of the chronic back pain. Soon after the retirement, Mike has joined the National Basketball Association (NBA) as the coach.

He has trained the team players of Los Angeles Lakers (From the year 1990 to 1992), Milwaukee Bucks (from the year 1992 to the year 1996), Portland Trail Blazers (from the year 1997 to the year 2001) and Los Angeles Clippers (from the year 2003 to the year 2010).

Mike Dunleavy has been once announced to be ninth on ranking being a coach in the National Basketball Association (NBA). In 1999, while supervising the Portland Trail Blazers; he was declared as NBA Coach of the Year. In his Coachman ship, he has led his teams to the playoff games many times.
His way to teach the players about the anticipation of ball is very marvelous. He has always worked with proper dedication in the field of basketball. This is the reason of his success in life.

While considering his overall NBA Statistics; Mike Dunleavy has scored 3496 points, 689 rebounds and 1723 assists.


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