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Mike Dunleavy Jr.

Michael Joseph Dunleavy Jr. is an American native and a professional basketball player.

To his introduction, this caption is always stated that he is a son of Mike Dunleavy Sr. Mike Dunleavy is a professional basketball player of National Basketball Association and around these days he is playing for the Indiana Pacers.

He has a strong background of sportspersons in his family. Mike’s uncles and brothers; all are the fans of the sports and most of them are into basketball playing.

Michael Dunleavy Jr. was born in Fort Worth at Texas when his father was playing for the Houston Rockets. He has graduated from the Jesuit High School in Beaverton at Oregon. Dunleavy is also interested in playing football, Croquet and baseball.

He is also a philanthropist and has been active into volunteering.

In his school times, he has played a key role in leading his team to participate in 1999 4A State Boys Basketball Championship.

Mike Dunleavy has also participated in various inter school contests and tournaments. He has joined the University of Duke for the accomplishment of his higher studies and he has mastered in history from there. Dunleavy now continues to study in the off season. As per the basketball is concerned, Dunleavy has played it with complete dedication.

In the sophomore year at University, Dunleavy has played in the National Championship and he has scored 21 points and three-pointers which was the highest score in the whole team. He has also experienced playing in the NABC All-America.

He has averaged 17.3 points per game and 7.2 rebounds per game. In the season 2001-02, Dunleavy has almost scored the 600 points.Finally, that moment came in life of Mike when he has given a chance to join that platform where his dad has performed. He was selected by the National Basketball Association (NBA).

He has been drafted in the 2002 NBA Draft. Golden State Warriors have selected him as 3rd overall pick in the round one. The contract that was signed by Warriors to get Mike in their team was worth $44 million.

This contract was based on the 5 year extension. Dunleavy plays as a small forward and shooting guard in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Initially, it was difficult for the Dunleavy to manage his playing tactics as a small forward.

Then, he has tried to play in a power forward position. Dunleavy has spent five year based tenure with the Golden State Warriors. In the year 2007, Dunleavy was selected by the Indiana Pacers to play with them. From that year to the present day, Dunleavy is rendering his services to the Pacers.

Till the present, Dunleavy has played 82 games with this team and is succeeded in averaging 19.1 points per game. This score is the highest in his career so far.
Mike Dunleavy has also starred his career with the awards and honors. He has won the title of NBA Rookie Challenge Participant in the year 2004 while playing for Warriors.

Mike has also been actively into volunteering and community work. He has raised the funds for the sufferers of Hurricane Katrina, has also visited the injured American troops when they were back from the Iraq War. Indeed, a professional player and a kind human being is the quality of Mike Dunleavy.


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