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Manu Ginobili

Emanuel David Ginobili is a professional Basketball Player form the Argentine.

He was born in Bahia Blanca, Argentine on July 22, 1977. He is a member of National Basketball Association (NBA) and is currently representing San Antonio Spurs. He also remains the member of Argentine Men’s National Basketball Team.

He is from a family holding the background of basketball. Emanuel David Ginobili holds the nationality in both Argentina and Italy. He has also played to represent both of these states. He is known as “Manu Ginobili” around the globe in the field of Basketball.

Manu Ginobili got married to Marianela Orono in 2004. They have blessed with a pair of twins on May 16, 2010 and named them Dante and Nicola, both of them is the boys. In his leisure time, he used to watch movies, hang out with the friends and listen to the Latin music. As he has experienced lot of traveling being an athlete, thus he is fluent in speaking English, Spanish and Italian. His brothers Leandro and Sebastian; both were basketball player chaps.

Their father Jorge served being a coach at Bahia Blanca. The interest of playing basketball was developed in the bones of Manu Ginobili from the Bahia Blanca club. With the passage of time, he played day by day and eventually become proficient in the field of Basketball.

He started his professional career in the Argentine from the Argentine Basketball League. He played for them till 1998 and then he shifted to Europe.

There, Manu Ginobili played 1998-99 season and 1999-2000 season. After playing in these seasons, Ginobili was selected by the National Basketball Association (NBA) and then he was selected by the San Antonio Spurs. Manu Ginobili has not actually signed the contract of Spurs and returned to Italy to play for Kinder Bologna. Then, he polished his career with the shining marks of 2001 Italian Championship. Manu Ginobili has also won two Italian cups in the year 2001 and 2002, followed by leading 2001 Euroleague. Then, he was titled Euroleague Final Four MVP.

In his early season with San Antonio Spurs, he has not played in the initial season because of his injuries. He played in the Western Conference and was named as the All-Rookie Second Team. Then, his performances have given a winning end to Spurs and they laid down the flag of Los Angeles Lakers. It was a time when Manu Ginobili gained fame all over the World.

In 2003-04 season, Ginobili became more proficient in playing and has maintained even better record. Then, his career was brightened as he has averaged 12.8 points per game, 4.5 rebounds per game, 3.5 assists per game and 1.8 steals per game. Then, obvious improvement was observed in the statistics of his career points.

He re-signed his contract with the Spurs when it was over at the end of 2004. He has won many laurels in the basketball for Spurs. Though he has left representing Argentine yet his performance did not lag behind in the NBA. Now, he has signed the extension contract with the Spurs for 2012-13 season which is worth $39 million.


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