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Love and Basketball

“Love and Basketball” was definitely worth watching. I think it’s like, 60% of the movie is about “love” and, 40% it’s about basketball.

One thing that was missing though as far as basketball is concerned is that there isn’t any advice or tips or emotional speeches about basketball.

Yeah, the girl wants to ball, the boy is little better but I guess this movie is more about relationships and love. I liked the part when they first kissed as little kids and when they were playing one on one and the one who loses gets to strip.

There was also one first person angle that they showed about the inner talk that Monica (the girl) had while she was playing. It wasn’t nothing special but I liked the idea because I haven’t seen it like that in another basketball-related movie.

Some good acting too, especially in those emotional scenes. If you’re looking for a movie to get you excited about basketball and get you “pumped up”, this is probably not the movie.

But if you’re looking for a movie to watch with your girlfriend that is about basketball, I think this one’s pretty good.

It’s a mix of those romantic first kisses and long relationships and the way we develop our characters and broken hearts that must happen at some point of our lives.


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