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Louis Amundson Bio

Louis Gabriel “Lou” Amundson was born on December 7, 1982 in Ventra located in United States. He is a professional basketball player of America.

He was a professional basketball player of power forward position and in some matches he has also played at Centre position. Louis was a tall man of six feet and nine inches and has weight 102 kilo grams or 225 lbs. Louis is a very good and passionate basketball player.

He was a good player since his school days. He was a student of Monarch High School in Louisville. During his career in his school days he was a good student and was also a good sportsman. He played for his school’s basketball team. He was selected in his school’s basketball team due to his extreme interest and passion in basketball.

He became a good basketball player of his team and was a star of basketball in his school.

After his school education he made his way to UNLV University. He played for his university’s basketball team. His fame and reputation in his school led him in the basketball team of his university.

He was an important player of basketball in his team because he was very hard working and passionate about his work. He won many of the games he played for his university. He won many awards in his university. Louis started his professional career in 2006 when he was selected in NBA. Since his start of the career he has played for some other teams of NBA.

He has alos played for Golden State Warriors and Phoenix Suns. When he was selected in NBA he was declared as Rookie of the year in 2006. He was signed by Golden State Warriors in 2010 and he is currently playing with Golden State Warrior.


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