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Lebron James Miami

Forecast Beautiful Weather in Miami with 100% Chance of World Championships

As the Lebron James trade sinks in both the City of Miami and the City of Cleveland, respectively are filled with elation and bewilderment.

The mood and future plans around the southern-most NBA team in the continental United States is beautiful weather with a 100% chance of world championships! With the addition of Lebron James the Miami Heat are poised to win not just one or two championships but a virtual epidemic of World NBA Championships in the next decade or so.

Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh joining King James

The Lebron James trade, which brought together 3 of the biggest names in all of the NBA with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh joining King James, have sent shock waves through not only the Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference but also the NBA as a whole. One only has to look at the balance of power and the shifting of that power from the Orlando Magic, even with their All-Everything big man Dwight Howard and a supporting cast that was one win away from playing the Los Angeles Lakers for last year’s NBA championship.

better shooting

Southeast Division

The Southeast Division is not seen as the most competitive one since the State of Florida dominates that grouping with Orlando and Miami having the most wins and most Division Championships since the formation of this Eastern Conference Division in 2004.

As a matter of fact only the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic have ever tasted division glory with both teams winning every championship for the division since its inaugural season.

Awesome to Behold

The power of the new Big Three in Miami and the almost immediate affect these players will have on not only the Southeastern Division but the NBA ranks is simply awesome to behold. What we are talking about is quite possibly one of the best big guards in the game and a pure shooting guard with Michael Jordan-type moves and a penchant for scoring in the 40’s with Dwyane Wade.

Add to that the center lane dominance of Chris Bosh and then toss in the most ballyhooed player since Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant and you have a recipe for quite a World Championship storm down in the Golden City of Miami.

Trade of the Century

The trade of the century that sent Lebron James down south to Miami and left the City of Cleveland wondering what to do has made a deep-impact on both markets even in the first week of the trade.

For instance, the stock of publicly-traded companies in the metropolis of Cleveland has shown, across the board, dips in both actual investors and daily operational visitors. This has to do with the strength of Lebron James and the power that he had recently brought to the city of Cleveland, now is thrust upon the Golden Shores of Miami Beach!

Good Fortune for Heat and Miami

With the misfortune of the Cleveland Cavaliers comes the good fortune of the Miami Heat and from top to bottom the Heat now look like Division Champions first then Conference Champions and finally World Champions. One must understand that the Miami Heat had a relatively strong showing against the Boston Celtics in this year’s Conference Championship Semi Finals and led that series at one point until the Boston Celtics found their stride and cruised past the Heat with three successive wins.

Now all teams are going to be asked to not only guard against Dwyane Wade and his slashing, penetrating moves to the basket and fall-away jumpers from every spot on the court plus his devastating 30 to 35 foot three-point range but they also are going to have to put their best defensive player on Lebron who can dump off to Chris Bosh who can easily nail down 30 a night himself. The forecast in Miami is for plenty of sunshine and plenty of World Championship rings.


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