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Landry Fields Bio

Landry Fields is an athlete about whom his coach Dan D’Antoni has once said that; he is a smart athlete.

It is his instincts that he knows the art of making situations look easy and so he makes athleticism easy. He is an athlete but he really makes it to look normal. Landry Field is an American native. He is a professional basketball player of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Landry Fields is playing to represent New York Knicks these days.

Landry Fields plays as the shooting guard and in the small forward position. This lad bears six feet and seven inches of height and his listed weight is about 210 pounds. Being a basketball player, his hobby includes basketball playing and listening to the music as well.

Fields was born on June 27, 1988 in Long Beach at California. He is born to a family of sportsperson. Steve and Janice fields are his parents respectively and both of them used to play basketball in their college days. He has two siblings. Steve Fields was also a professional basketball player of National Basketball Association (NBA).

He had played at Miami of Ohio. NBA has drafted his father in the 1975 NBA Draft on the 114th overall pick. They have selected his father in the seventh round. Landry Fields is not only a stunning athlete but also holds a bright career in his studies. He has majored in the Communication Studies by attaining the 3.03 GPA.

Landry Fields has joined Ellwood P. Cubberley Elementary School and then was admitted to the Los Alamitos High School in Los Alamitos at California. Fields has been trained by the coaches in an acceptable environment to be a skillful player in the basketball playing. Later he was enrolled in the Stanford University.

There he has done his Communication Studies and also started hitting his career in the field of the basketball.In his university times, he has utilized 14 minutes per game and soon by investing toil in basketball playing has enabled him to earn fame on the professional grounds. He was among the top ten players to participate in the Pac-10.

He has also scored 22 points per game and was eighth on ranking on the national level. In his overall tenure at the University, Fields was succeeded in grabbing 10.8 points per game, 5.0 rebounds per game with the .463 shooting by utilizing 23.6 minutes. He has maintained this record by playing in the 129 games of basketball.

In his freshman year, he has averaged 4.2 points and 2.5 rebounds in only 14 minutes and had also grabbed 30 pointers. In his sophomore year, Landry Fields has averaged 4.1points per game with 2.0 rebounds per game by utilizing 12.6 games and has played 33 games. When Landry Fields reached his junior year, he has raised his average to 12.6 points per game with 6.6 rebounds per game.

Then, the time arrived when Landry Fields got a chance to adopt basketball playing professionally. He was drafted by the National Basketball Association (NBA) in the year 2010. New York Knicks have selected him as the 39th overall pick and in the second round. He is still playing for the New York Knicks. By just playing a single season, Fields has achieved First Team All-Pas 10, Pac-10 All Academic First Team, Pac -10 Scholar Athlete of the Year and NBAC All-District. He has won all these honors in the year 2010.


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