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LaMarcus Aldridge Bio

Lamarcus Aldridge is a professional American basketball player. He was born on July 19, 1985. He was born in Dallas located in Texas in United States.

He plays at power forward of sometimes he also played at centre position. He is very famous basketball player of NBA in modern age. He is a tall man of near about seven feet and has a weight of about 109 kilo grams or 240 lbs. He was not a very good player in childhood. He joined school for education and in school he took classes of sports.

In school sports classes raised his interest towards sports especially for basketball.

He was especially interested in basketball because he was very suitable for basketball; he was tall, healthy, and strong.

After training and proper study about his basketball he became a very good player of basketball during his school and got a chance to play for his school’s basketball team and he performed very well for his school’s basketball team and won many of the matches he played. He was a hard working and brilliant player of basketball in his school career.

He got admitted in Texas College for education after the study of his school. He also joined a college because college provides a great chance for students to fulfill their dreams and became what they want to be.

He was a brilliant player of basketball during his college career. He played for college’s basketball team along with the studies. He made his good reputation as a good basketball player during his college career. During his college career he got a chance to play for NBA but he rejected to play in NBA, he preferred college study instead of entering into professional career. But after college he was selected in NBA by Chicago Bulls in 2006 NBA draft. He is still playing in NBA.


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