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Kobe Bryant’s Dad

As the popularity of Kobe Bryant, his father became known too. Without Kobe Bryant’s dad who was very determined to shape Kobe to become a goodbasketball player and a person as well, Kobe would not be at his peak of career as of the moment.

Who is Kobe Bryant’s dad?

Joseph Washington “Jellybean” Bryant, aprofessional basketballplayer in his time was born on October 14, 1954 in Philedelphia, Penssylvania. He is currently the head coach of the top-level Italian club Solsonica Rieti. He was also a head coach of Women NationalBasketball Association’s Los Angeles Sparks before, he was their head coach from August 22, 2005 until April 4, 2007.

He started his basketball career at La Salle University, he was a forward and in 1975 he was drafted in the first round by the Golden State Warriors. He also played for his hometown team for 4 seasons (Philidelphia 76ers). After he was traded to San Diego Clippers and played for the team for 2 years.

He also headed to Europe particularly in Italy and played 7 seasons with Italian A1 League and Italian A2 League. He also played with clubs Sebastian Rieti for 2 years, Reggio Calabria for a year, Pistoia for 2 years and Reggio Emilia for 2 years as well.

He was able to score 53 points twice with his tam Pistoia in the 1987-88 season. He played until his early fifties under the team Boston Frenzy of the AmericanBasketball Association.In hiscoaching career he became a coach in 1992-1993. He was the head coach of Women’s varsity team at Akiba Hebrew Academy.

He resigned after that and Kobe Bryant’s father chose to be the assistant coach of his alma matter. He became the head coach of Los Angeles Sparks of WNBA on August 22, 2005 but he was replaced in year 2007. As of now he is coaching the Italian club Sebastiani Rieti.

Kobe and Joe’s relationship

Joe and Kobe are very close with each other, but there relationship was on rocks when Vanessa entered Kobe’s life (he met Vanessa on one of his music videos where Vanessa is a backup dancer). Kobe bryant’s dad and mom was against Vanessa because they think that she is just taking advantage of Kobe.

As his parents they were very protective on Kobe because they don’t want their son to be fooled. But then Kobe refused to believe and chose Vanessa over his parents. He didn’t spoke to them for almost 7 years.

On April 22, 2010 a great news shocked the fans and the audience the family finally reunited. Joe visited and watched Kobe in his game against OKC thunder where they werevictorious. They hugged each other and it is like nothing happened. As of the moment they are starting to build their family as one again.

After long years of ignoring each other the family is back in each other arms again Kobe Bryant’s dad, mom and him finally understand that all they did was to love.


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