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15 Kobe Bryant Wallpapers

Want some Kobe Bryant wallpapers? Some people don’t like him. But like him or not he is one heck of a talent.

I’m not really sure why he chose to change his number to 24.

I mean, I know that that symbolizes his improvements and how he is totally different player now. One that has gone through so much to get where he is now.. but, why 24?

If somebody knows please let me know. Maybe one step above Jordan’s 23. Who knows.

If you want to read about some interesting facts about him, including how he got his name take a look at this page.. Kobe’s facts and quotes


Can he win a championship without Shaq? At the time of writing this, he has won 3 championships with the Lakers.

Shaq though, said that he just can’t do it without him.



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