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Kobe Bryant Tattoos

In the game that is professional basketball many players have inked themselves up for a variety of reasons.

One the greatest players ever to play the game ofbasketball is Kobe Bryant and today’s posting is about theKobe Bryant tattoos and how they ended up on this All-Stars anatomy in the 1st place. Kobe Bryant puts his feelings in ink and this is the main reason why he has a few all over his giant frame.

The newest tattoo that we all know of and that has been on public display and continues to be on public display as the LA Lakers star puts on his playing jersey is an elaborate portrait of his wife.

That’s probably a smooth move after the case of infidelity last year almost imploded on the NBA All-Star and almost ended-up costing him 50 percent ofhis massive wealth. Yet who are we to judge right?


Inky Inky

Another tattoo that is on Kobe’s body is that of his daughter’s name, Natalia Diamante, which is nicely done on his forearm. While everyone appreciates a nice tattoo of the children of the NBA players it is important to realize that tattoos were not so much in vogue five years ago and Kobe Bryant is indeed showing brashness as well as vast amounts of courage with these tattoos on his body.

better shooting

Sweet Moves Sweet Ink

The Lakers All-Star guard definitely professed his love for his wife Vanessa and shows off the tattoo that he had made for her in an effort to perpetually ask for forgiveness for his infidelity and cheating ways.

The Kobe Bryant tattoos do tell a story and our hats are off to this classic man about town and player in the NBA as he is trying to make amends each and every opportunity that comes his way. Please have a look below at the known tattoos that are on Kobe Bryant’s chiseled basketball body. We know you will find the mix to be very unique and eclectic at best.


• Crown “For My Queen”

• Angel Wings

• Butterfly

• Halo

• Psalm 27

Kobe Bryant tattoos will undoubtedly continue to be inked upon the player’s body especially as he continually stubs his toe on social opportunities that every NBA player has to wade through in his daily and especially nightly existence.

We will not use this opportunity to bash Bryant and his lifestyle as mistakes do happen and each and every one of us on planet Earth have made some even though adultery is something that is a pure choice and should be lamented for life.

The essence of the Kobe Bryant tattoos stems around religion and forgiveness and the love that he demonstrates and has for his entire family, of this we appreciate and give hope for rebuilding to this star player of the National Basketball Association.


Boston Celtics

The Los Angeles Lakers do not mind if Kobe Bryant tattoos are exponentially added-on to the player’s body as long as they do not get to the point of a Dennis Rodman situation or far worse use any type of sexual explicit expressions.

It is after all Los Angeles and this type of thing is common place in Orange County but is in stark contrast to the business as usual no-nonsense of the next World Champion Boston Celtics.

Larry Bird, the fantastic Grand Champion of the Boston Celtics, was recently asked about the amount of tattoos on Kobe Bryant’s body and he only had one thing to say, “Red would not approve”.


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