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Kobe Bryant Statistics

In this posting, today we will let the statistics for one of the greatest NBA basketball players ever to dribble the basketball on either West or East Coast’s do the talking.

Please have a look at a page of statistics, which need no introduction or explanation at all. It is okay if your jaw drops a bit, as if you have ever played a second of organized basketball you will know how extremely difficult it is to rack up these kinds of numbers, much less do it against the world’s best athletes in front of billions of screaming fans all across the planet Earth.


Kobe Bryant statistics revolve around the fact that this 14 year veteran has been in the league long enough to know what to do and what not to do while on the basketball courtand off court as well.

To be able to rack up such impressive numbers, all across the board is a testament to the iron will of one of the most dynamic basketball players ever to play in the National Basketball Association for any team any era. Can you imagine what type of collegiate storm Kobe would have been regardless of what team de decided to play at and represent? Can you say 4-Peat National Champions?

Kobe Bryant #24 Shooting Guard Power Forward Los Angeles Lakers

010-11 Statistics (Just the Ones That Matter – Points Assists Rebounds Steals)

We all know that he can shoot free throws and that he brings to the court a certain sense of winning that is not going to be demonstrated on any statisticsheet, anywhere, but exists and is priceless. Just ask the Lakers ownership or better yet ask the defenders who are forced to face this juggernaut night after night all across the NBA!

better shooting

Here you go…

• Games Played – All with One Team – Los Angeles Lakers – 1029 and Counting

• Points Scored – 26,000

• Assists – 4,800

• Rebounds – 5,456

• Steals – 1,562

While we could have bombarded you with an infinite number and ranking of personal as well as team-orientated, statistics for one Kobe Bryant of the LA Lakers that would only serve to bore you to tears. What is important to understand about any Kobe Bryant statistics page, in print or online, is that this NBA player, this man, is a man among boys.

better shooting

Enjoy the Man’s Game

Anyone can cut and paste a page, two, or maybe three in regards to the statistics that Kobe continues to pile up in the toughest league to do just that in, the NBA.

That is the easy way out and as you must know by now we never take the easy road and always jump right into informing you about a player that we consider to be gifted beyond measure and is a match to any player during any era regardless of the position or size or even athletic ability of said player.Kobe Bryant is damn good at playing the sport of professional basketball and to say that this Laker has ice water in his veins, well, that would be an understatement.


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