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Kobe Bryant Quotes / Facts

“Magic Johnson, for obvious reason. He was my favourite player growing up. And if I had to pick another one I had to pick Bill Russel”– when asked who would you most wanna play with. His father played 8 years in the NBA and Kobe lived 8 years in Italy.

“Playing for the NBA is a bigger challenge than having 2 daughters or playing in the NBA”

He had an early interest in soccer. He said that had he stayed in Italy he would’ve probably ended up playing soccer there (it’s a good thing he didn’t)

“My favourite arena to play has to be Madison Square Garden because of all the HISTORY in it”

For his closest friends he is not known as Kobe but as “Mamba” (one of world’s most deadliest snakes).

He got his name when his parents were in a restaurant. His father was very pleased with a steak he ordered and at the time his mother was pregnant. So Kobe’s dad asked the waiter what’s the name of the steak that he ordered and the waiter, obviously told him. It’s called, Kobe.

“I just wanna listen to my body and trying to respond accordingly”

better shooting

“I would not coach. No. No”

“I think it’s because of the unity. We have a chemistry, we’ve been together for a while now and I think it starts paying dividends for us”

“I never expected to be on such a role right now and be on this stretch”

He is the first guard in league history to be drafted directly from high school.

Michelangelo Sistine Chapel – when asked what is your source of motivation, maybe something that the fans don’t know about

On his wedding with Vanessa Laine, Bryant’s parents and his two sisters didn’t come. They didn’t like the fact that he was getting married so young.

“Phil came to me with a clear challenge and a clear message and that’s to put the ball in the hole. In order for us to be competitive we need you to score. I can respond to that challenge”

“There is so many similarities with sports and life as a whole. I mean, there’s so many things I have learned being in the league. From my teammates, from Shaq or Phil that I’ve learned that I could pass on to my children”

“I just do all the work I can, trying to elevate myself. Growing up I noticed I had a lot of talent and I did have a work ethic”

“It’s always about getting better. For example I try to say goals depending on what’s coming next”

Kobe has a fairly new website (official). It’s at There are some cool clips so check it out.

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