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Kobe Bryant MVP

The ever-present and ever-popular Kobe Bryant scored 31 points to capture his second MVP award and lead the West to a 153-132 victory over the East in the NBA All-Star game.

The West grew a 20-point lead by halftime and the East never threatened after the Westerners built that lead. This was Kobe’s party at the annual NBA affair with a lot of spectacular dunks and fast breaks but little defense.

LeBron James of theCleveland Cavaliersscored 28 points to lead the East, who trailed 119-88 after three quarters and saw its two-game winning streak snapped in severely convincing fashion. “We had lost two in a row, so we all made it a point to come out and go for it,” Bryant told reporters. “Nobody wants to lose three in a row.”


Big Man on Campus

Losing is something that Kobe Bryant, MVP Bryant, knows far too little about. Hitting on 13 of 24 shots and having six steals and six assists in the game,Kobe Bryant played just off the glittery gambling tourist trap known as “The Strip.” The Los Angeles Lakers point guard also had 31 points when he was MVP in the 2002 All-Star game in Philadelphia as well.


One Lone Sun

The Phoenix Suns had a member of their team contribute, once again, to the cause for the Western effort and that was from center Amare Stoudemirescoring 29 points. Melo’ Anthony (Carmelo Anthony) of the Denver Nuggetsadded 20 in his Las Vegas debut for the 2007 NBA All-Star game.

better shooting

Greatest Player Ever

Kobe Bryant really showed off his talents at the All Star Game. While this is nothing new for the legend, it surprises his most critical advisor, himself, each time he goes out and does anything close to that magnitude. “I feel great after I know, in my heart of hearts, that I have given my all and we win”.

Kobe was stated as saying to a reporter from ESPN right after the game. Bryant will undoubtedly be a regular to the NBA All Star game and for as many years as he plays in the National Basketball Association. Kobe Bryant as the MVP of the All Star gives star credibility to the event, which has seen a rough patch since the start of the New Millennium, was, and is on the lookout for that reenergizing spark. Tonight it came from one of the greatest NBA players of all time, Mr. Bryant.


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