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Kobe Bryant Highlights

If you ever find yourself having a conversation about Kobe Bryant, undoubtedly there will be controversy and a walk down Memory Lane on some of the highlights of this great NBA Laker superstar.

The characterizationsrange from Bryant being an awful teammate and a selfish ball-hogging player to a coach-killer and now one of the most popular and greatest players of all time in the history of the NBA. You must recall that perception is reality for most individuals and also a Laker fan will most likely have a better view of this Los Angeles shooting guard then say that of a Boston CelticsBeast of the East fan.

Michael Jordan at North Carolina

What is easy to do is talk about a few of the best highlights of this great player who skipped the college game and went directly into the NationalBasketball Association. We could only wonder what would’ve happened if Kobe Bryant would have said yes to the hundreds of college recruiters that came to his mom and dad’s house and strapped on a college jersey.

Talk about some great college game playing highlights those would have been! Kobe definitely would have been put in the ranks of Michael Jordan at North Carolina for any school that he played for especially one with such a marketable name such as the Tar Heels or possibly a bit farther down tobacco Road with the Duke Blue Devils.

NBA Player of the Decade

Fortunately we are not stuck without any Kobe Bryant highlights as in his first year in the NBA this player proved that could be a definite point of interest. Nowadays any time Kobe Bryant plays in a game, with the Los Angeles Lakers, it is a human-highlight-reel and one that continues to build upon itself each and every season.

After being named NBA Player of the Decade the Black Mamba, which is Kobe Bryant’s nickname because of the way he plays professional basketball and deals deadly strikes from all over the court, the NBA superstar said that he was only having fun. Is this is fun for Kobe, and we know playing basketball in front of millions of fans and earning millions of dollars for doing what you love is fun, we are so glad that he decided to come to the NBA and not risk injury with the collegiate game.

better shooting

Kobe Bryant Highlights

You can spend an entire week looking and gazing at some of the best Kobe Bryant highlights that have occurred in his NBA career. There are literally hundreds of videos of Kobe’s game play such as his best dunks, best passes and his long distance circus three-pointers.

better shooting

For a real feel of this NBA superstar’s game you need only to look at the short list below that we have put together for all of you die-hard Black Mamba fans. Entire teams make up their game plan to slow down Kobe Bryant and this only adds fuel to the fire for the World Champion Los Angeles Lakers on their path to yet another consecutive World Championship Title in 2010-2011.


If you want to look at some of the best Kobe Bryant highlights then do just like we did and log onto YouTube and get your fill of number 24 slapping shots and slamming the ball like we slam on a six-foot goal in our backyards over our kids friends. One thing that you will walkaway with is an appreciation for Kobe’s defense and his non-ball-hogging skills as he sometimes does not even take a shot in the second half and only works on his assists and defense.


Please have a look at what is only the tip of the iceberg of a continuing and spectacular NBA career for Kobe Bryant. These highlights are most often found among the top three in any category or should be at that.

• Kobe’s Block Against the Timberwolves Craig Smith

• Famous Alley Oop Pass to Shaquille O’Neal in 2003 Playoffs

• No-look Pass Against the GS Warriors

• Dr. J Behind-the-Backboard Reverse Lay-in Against the Kings with Ron Artest Guarding


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