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Kobe Bryant Family

We all have seen bits and pieces of the life of Kobe Bryant – in one form or another, either on the hardwood of the National Basketball Association or in the media reports of his every public move.

At times, those moves have been rather risqué and have costs the All-Star Los Angeles Laker forward/point guard more than just monetary considerations. We all do not have to look too far back into the past and recall one such dark family photo opportunity involving a third partyand some rough loving.

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Slinging Dirt

While it is, an easy task, to sling dirt at the NBAbasketball player who is perhaps the greatest player ever to strap on a jock – this profile is about theKobe Bryant family. We are old school and we stick to our guns about children being innocent and women given the benefit of the doubt. It is with that where we will start this rundown of Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakersand his beloved family.

Rough Beginnings

Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Laine met at a hip-hop video shoot where she was a background dancer. Engaged while she was still in high school, her beautiful engagement ring is 7 carats in size, and valued at well over $100,000. Kobe and Vanessa were married on April 18, 2001 in Dana Point, California at the now famous St. Edward Roman Catholic Church.

Kobe’s parents, although unsupportive of the marriage between Kobe and Vanessa, at first, warmed up mainly to the caring and compassionate personality of Vanessa and with almost-constant pleadings from Kobe. What is unfortunate, and a missed opportunity, is that Kobe’s entire family as well as his Los Angeles Lakers teammates did not attend the wedding.

Once again we can only estimate over why Kobe’s very own teammates, Brothers in Arms, so to speak, would have a chip on their shoulders about whoever their All-Star power forward chooses to marry?

22 to 18

Kobe Bryant was 22 when he married the then 18 Vanessa and as an NBAbasketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers, he had the resources and the time to spend with his new bride on fantastic trips and one of the world’s most expensive honeymoons, known in the history of man.

Bring on the Children

It was a scant 24 months later that their first child, Natalia Diamante Bryant, was brought into this world in 2003. The Kobe Bryant family had their first addition and both Kobe and Vanessa were so pleased with their first child, that they thought they would go ahead and give it a second shot, with another beautiful daughter, born in 2006. Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant was born in Orange County California in 2006 and rounded out the creation of this wonderful Kobe Bryant family.

Passing Shot

We do have one thing to say and that is the point more or less about the challenges that face any married couple with children in today’s society. The ratios are so high for divorce in the United States that any marriage that stays together for as long as Kobe and Vanessa have deserves a tip of the hat and will get one from this ex-collegiate basketball player, twice divorced with children. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Kobe Bryant, we wish you all the best in your personal as well as very public lives.


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