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Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan

If you have ever had the pleasure of witnessing two of the NBA’s greatest players of all time on the same court at the same time then you certainly must understand what poetry in motion is all about.

Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan accurately depict what it is like to be leaders and to direct teams to world championships on back-to-back locations in theNational BasketballAssociation league.

As independent players for the Los Angeles Lakers and the Chicago Bulls, respectively both Bryant and Jordan have conquered every conceivable matrix andbarometer of what it takes to be a great player in this storied professional basketball league of champions.

Sweet Games

If we were to look at Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan and judge them only on their particular statistics that, both of these players earned while playing in the NBA it would be a bit of an unfair justification and we will tell you why.

Firstly, they played in two different eras and secondly they played with two very different styles of professional basketball. While Kobe Bryant is still making history in the NBA with his Los Angeles Lakers and winning back-to-back World Championships, Michael Jordan showed that in very rare occasions an unselfish star player on the team could bring home NBA World Championship trophies as well.

better shooting

Flip of the Coin

When determining which one is better either Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan a flip of the coin would be all that could be fair. The reason why is that while both of these professional ballplayers are extraordinary professional basketballathletes and each one brings to the table a set of mind-boggling basketballskills both have their unique approaches to their game of basketball.

Floor General and the Showman

Kobe Bryant likes to orchestrate the entire floor and as a floor general, there is no comparison to the skill set that this oversized-point guard brings to the West Coast style offensive table.

On the other hand, Michael Jordan is a showman and with his gravity, defying dunks and his ability to pierce the defense of any team against any set of defense and players it is Michael who steals the show with the humanhighlights. This is not to say that you cannot get your fill of fascinating dunks and sweet moves from Kobe Bryant, as this LA Lakers is just full of tricks andtrick shots! Kobe also possesses that rare ability to sink the rock from wherever he happens to be on the court, at any time.

21 Anyone?

In the end, we would have to say that any comparison between Kobe Bryantand Michael Jordan would have to be propped up either with a one-on-one game of 21 or with totally equaling teammates in a neutral setting.

For instance, they would not be fair to have 80,000 screaming fans in Chicago screaming for MJ going against the upstart Bryant led Lakers, as MJ would win every game. Conversely, it would not be fair to have a Kobe Bryant led charge just west of Hollywood Hills with the visiting Michael Jordan led Bulls team being hounded night after night from 60,000 fans plus in Los Angeles, California.

What we can say in summation for any comparisons against Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan is that both players lead their teams and one is still leading the team to NBA World Championship glory!


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