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Kids Basketball Games

When the goal is to learn how to run a couple great kids basketball games so the young ones can learn how to play the game, you have come to the right location for that effort.

Hello my name is Ron Spann and what I would like to do today is teach you how to instruct the young kids into playing some basketball games that will both improve their game and instill confidence in their lives.

Young basketball players need so much instruction and guidance and most importantly self-confidence that can be derived from great kid’s basketball games and basketball drills.

Some of the best kid’s basketball games revolve around the use of five on five practice games. Nothing solidifies and sharpens the basketball skills as an intense game action and this can only be derived from participating in a real game of basketball.

Obviously the players will know that this is just practice and that when the real game time comes on it will be a much different story! These drills are much better than doing rudimentary and monotonous drills that the kids grow tired of on the second lap around the key.

The key to any precise and beneficial basketball drill is to not real the game into the young kids heads and bodies. Of all the great kids’ basketball games that I have come across in my 20 years of basketball playing experience on some of the greatest stages in the game, the best ones have always been those that have the most entertainment delivery for the young kids playing the game of basketball.

In designing my playbook for the best kids basketball games the subject of monotony came around while enjoying some cappuccinos with Otis Smith of the Orlando Magic.

Otis looked up from his cup of coffee and said, “Ron you know I respect everything that comes out of your mouth and you are one of the greatest basketball players I’ve ever seen, why do you run those basketball-loving kids into the ground each and every chance?”
He then instructed me to try this great kid’s basketball games video and told me the benefits the NBA players ever derived from watching it! Looking up for my steaming hot cup of cappuccino, which was slightly milked just the way I like it when I’m in the Golden City of Miami, I turned to Mr. Smith and said that I only want the best chance for my kids!

The rest is history as my kids now in the Ron Spann Summer Youth Basketball League have developed into fine players and most importantly fine gentleman off the court.

The success of kid’s basketball games across the nation and internationally for that matter all boils down to creating games that are fun for the kids to play while not boring them into tears.

The danger with boring kid’s basketball games is that they will not play them and if they do not play them they will not learn how to play the game of basketball better and better after each practice session or game.

This is why it is important to make prize offerings for those that complete or just try the games? Maybe offer a prize for the winner of each game even practice games or maybe even just an autographed superstar NBA player photo? It is highly-understandable that these prizes in the autographed photograph world are not available for most high school and even some college coaches.


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