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Jump Higher in Basketball

In the game of basketball we are seeing a remarkable evolution in the “athlete.” Players from every new generation are growing into athletes stronger and faster than athletes of past generations.

One can look at players like LeBron James at the professional level and gawk at a physical specimen that stands 6’9, weighs 260 pounds, and is often still one of the quickest and most explosive players on the floor.

Players with more size are becoming quicker in the game and smaller players are utilizing strength along with their natural speed.

I do not believe this is a secret as parents may enroll their children into specialized strength or speed training classes from an early age, and many students hit the weight room now before high school.

Athleticism is definitely a natural gift from God, but players can then take those hereditary genes and build upon them with training exercises and supplements designed to improve your game.

Do you want to jump higher in basketball?

If you look at the game of basketball you’ll definitely observe the fact that it’s a highly vertical game. Basketball has always utilized height like no sport before or after it, but it has also demanded quick hops and explosive power over the past 20-30 years.

In today’s world, you cannot simply just be tall. You must also know how to use that height and expand on that jumping ability. Smaller forwards and guards are also finding ways to jump higher to compete at a high level.

Fortunately today you can jump higher in basketball, regardless of your height, with the aid of some training programs and weight lifting techniques.

Weight Room

The weight room is still the best place to improve your jumping ability in a natural way at a very low cost. Almost anyone can attend their local high school during or after school and get involved with weights.

Keep in mind that weight lifting for basketball is much different from weight lifting for football. I personally believe you can still succeed without working out with weights in basketball, but it definitely does not hurt.

The key to weight lifting for basketball is to keep things light and to focus on a high amount of reps. This weight lifting philosophy will improve two things vital to basketball: explosiveness and endurance.

Great weight lifting exercises to help you jump higher in basketball include: Power Clean, Dead Lift, Squats, and Toe Raises.
Ask the instructor if you are unsure how to do these exercises or unsure how to do them properly. Always use a spotter for Power Clean, Dead Lift, and Squats.


Visit your local GMC or other natural supplement supplier and you will find a plethora of natural supplement and vitamin choices. Some products guarantee you’ll increase natural bulk and strength and really do work if you stick to the schedule and work out daily.

Unfortunately, these products are also incredibly expensive and may not improve jumping ability for basketball as much as a specialized training program.

Training Programs

Want to improve your jumping ability and thus jump higher in basketball? In my mind, specialized training programs like “Air Alert” are guaranteed ways to add to your vertical leap. Products like “Air Alert” are relatively cheap; however they will push you physically and mentally for 12-15 weeks, five days a week.

Always do a specialized jumping program in the offseason and not during the wear and tear of the season.

In Conclusion

If you want to jump higher, the greatest program is a variation of everything I outlined above. Working with weights, taking supplements, and doing a specialized jumping program during the offseason will all do nothing but help.

In the end it all comes down to how hard you are willing to work and how much you want to improve your vertical by. Keep in mind that jumping ability is still a natural gift, and some people are just blessed with more raw talent when compared to others.


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