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John Johnson Bio

John Howard Getty Johnson is a former American Basketball player who has been a source of inspiration for the players of today.

John Howard has played with both American Basketball Association (ABA) and National Basketball Association (NBA) to pursue his career. His tips, tactics and moves in playing are always a lesson for the interested ones. He has always played with dedication and has presented enthralling performances to the spectators.

John Howard was born on October 18, 1947 in Carthage at Mississippi. John Howard is a forward player with six feet seven inches of height and his listed weight is 200 pounds. John Howard has joined the Messmer High School. He used to play basketball in his school times and it was predicted that he will emerge as a star in the field of basketball. This prediction was true as he has scored well and his career of basketball was also very good.

After completing the formalities of high school studies, he has joined the University of Iowa. John Howard used to participate in different tournaments that were held between other universities and he has always led his team by scoring well in the games. Once he has averaged 27.9 points per game in his university times and because of this performance, a record was set. This was a record of scoring most points in the season of basketball by an individual player.

When John Howard was playing in his university, from there he became famous in the field of basketball and it was a time for him to make a career in the professional field. He was then drafted by the National Basketball Association (NBA). It was 1970 NBA Draft in which Howard was selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers with the overall seventh pick. Texas Chaparrals has also selected him in the 1970 ABA Draft.

John Howard has pursued his career with the NBA by staying with four of the teams in total twelve years. In this time period, he has played very well by making record, scoring good points and giving his professional career an amazing credit.

John Howard Getty Johnson was awarded with the title of All-Star Games in 1971 NBA. It was 1972 NBA season, when Howard was again selected as the All-Star Games.

In 1969-70 tournament of NCAA, he was third in AP All-America. When he was playing with the Seattle SuperSonics, John Howard has won the 1979 Seattle SuperSonics NBA. John Howard has played in the 82 games of the 1971-72 NBA season. He has also played the 82 games in the 1972-73 NBA season and 1978-79 NBA seasons. The Hall of Fame Probability of his career is 0.013. In NBA Elo Player Rating, John Howard is 359 in the overall ranking in the history of National Basketball Association (NBA).

John Howard is honored to be the first point forward Player in the National Basketball Association. He has always won laurels in his professional field and he anticipates the basketball very well. He is an efficient and a vigilant player of basketball. His spirits in playing for any team are always high.

He is always prepared and full of energy for any of the game. A positive minded player and having all qualities of an athlete. Nowadays, his son is following his footsteps and is playing basketball in his University; Stanford University. His son Mitch has always taken the advantage of being a son of basketball player and following tips from his father to apply in the field.


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