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Jermaine O’neal Bio

Jermaine Lee O’ Neal who is not more than any legend, has once presented his views that; “I am aware of my abilities but I know that I can do even more better.

I just wish to achieve that point where I can destroy the entire league.” He has expressed his feelings when Neal was presented with the Most Improved Player title in 2002.

Jermaine Lee O’Neal was born on October 13, 1978 in Columbia at South Carolina.

These days, Neal is representing Boston Celtics of NBA. He plays in the forward and center position. Being a passionate athlete in basketball, he is also fond of football playing since childhood.

Interestingly, football has always amazed him but he used to watch basketball videos as well in his early life. His listed weight is 255 pounds and, his height is six feet and 11 inches. His height has given him an edge in basketball playing. He has started playing basketball from his early school times. Jermain O’ Neal has his own recording studio in Atlanta with the label of Bogota Entertainment.

Jermaine has approached Eau Claire High School of the Arts for his study. From there he has started dreaming of adopting basketball as a profession in life. It was 1992, when Neal was in his freshman year.

He has promised his coach Goerge Glymph, that one day he will show how to be the best player in the history of school. At that time, he was succeeded in averaging 18 points per game, 12 rebounds per game and 9 blocks per game. Neal also participated in the interschool tournaments and games. He has joined ABCD Summer Basketball Camp.

He has received the honors; South Carolina Player of the Year and Mr. Basketball (by USA Today), before joining NBA. There was a situation in his life when his moves in basketball has lagged behind. Soon after a year, he emerged as an athlete with high sportsman spirit and hasd joined NBA in the year 1996.

Portland Trail Blazers have selected him in the 1996 NBA Draft and he has played for them till the year 2000. Then Neal has joined Indiana Pacers from 2000 to 2008. In his eight year based tenure, he has won laurels in the field and has earned many titles even.

Then for a single season of one year, Toronto Raptors have traded him. He has played for them from 2008 to 2009. The next year, Miami Heat have traded him and in 2010, he has finally joined Boston Celtics. Neal is still playing with them in basketball.

In 2002, Jermaine O’Neal was declared as the NBA Most Improved Player. From 2002 to 2007, he was seven times selected as the NBA All-Star in his career. In 2002-03 season, NBA has rewarded him with the All NBA Third Team twice and in 2004, he was honored as an All NBA Second Team. He has won two gold medals; one in FIBA Americas Championship in 2003 and the other in Goodwill Games in 2001 at Brisbane.

Neal and his elder brother was brought up by his mother. His mother’s name is Angela Ocean. He always grabbed a basketball and used to play it passionately in Summers. His awards and titles have marked his career in an excellent way. No doubt, he is a brilliant player and an amazing person in life.


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