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Jeff Foster Bio

Jeffery Douglas Foster is a dedicated player who has always rendered his services to only a single team of NBA.

He has shown his skills and stunts in a miraculous manner while playing and has given a back to the team with his performances. He is a player who is a required and desired body in the team by his peers.

Jeffery Douglas Foster was born on January 16, 1977 in San Antonio at Texas. He has been raised by his parent in a lucid manner where they always remind Foster to put in your best effort in any task. The ethical and social grooming of foster has been polished by his parents. In his pastime, Foster used to watch movies and he plays video games. He is a lively man with various good qualities in his nature.

Foster has joined South West State University of Texas and has opted to study finance as a degree program. Even he has not finished his degree program and has joined NBA to pursue his career in the basketball. Well, Foster has preferred playing basketball over his education and qualification.

It was the wish of his parents to study at first and then take further steps for his career building. The passion and spirit of Foster has forced him to sign NBA draft.

Jeffery Foster is an American Professional Basketball player playing for Indiana Pacers in the National Basketball Association and he always plays in center and power forward position. Initially, Foster was drafted for the Golden State Warriors in 1999 but right after his selection, Foster was traded to the Indiana Pacers by the Golden State Warriors. From that time to date, Jeff Foster has played to represent Indiana Pacers.

In 1999-2000 season, Jeff Foster has scored his first career double-double with 11 points which were highest points in the season. In this same season, Foster was succeeded in managing five rebounds by taking only three minutes when he was playing against Charlotte Bobcats.

In the next season that was from year 2000-01, Foster has played 71 games. Amazingly Foster has averaged 3.5 points per game and 5.5 rebounds in only 16.2 minutes. Day by day, his performance and game improved where at he end of the season , Foster has managed to score 4.0 points per game, 4.5 rebounds per game, 1.0 assists and 1.5 blocks by taking 23 minutes.

From 2001 and onwards, Jeff Foster has also started contributing in the playoffs. His career was also marked in the playoffs as well.

It was 2005-06 season when Jeffery Douglas Foster suffered from an injury and was returned to home to recover. It was January 2006, when Foster has suffered from back ache which was actually backing spasms in the lower spine. This injury has abstained Foster to play two games in the month of January and three games in the April.

Foster has marked his performance in the season 2006-07. He has averaged his career highest 252 rebounds and led his team to be on seventh ranking in the NBA and it was a history for Indiana Pacers that they were hitting fourth highest score in their previous record.

On February 16, 2010; Jeff Foster has to undergo through the surgery because of his back spasms and has missed playing till the time he has recovered.


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