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Jamal Crawford Bio

An Atlanta Hawks representative who is playing in the National Basketball Association (NBA) is not just unique in his moves but also an efficient player.

Aaron Jamal Crawford, being an American professional basketball player is among the favorites of so many people around. The best about Jamal Crawford is his being a combo guard as a player. He has played as a shooting guard and a point guard as well.

Jamal Crawford was born on March 20, 1980 in Seattle at Washington. Crawford is six feet five inches tall with the weight of 200 pounds. He has rendered his services in many of the teams of NBA. Besides being a professional player, Jamal Crawford is also a kind-hearted and hard working human being. He runs an organization which establishes fund raising units for the help of needy people.

This organization also carries out the health related issues to give an incentive to the society. He is wise in organizing his volunteer work and the education programs through it.

Crawford has joined Rainier Beach High School in Seattle. He is a known player in his high school and has participated in inter school competitions. At that time, he was considered to be a good player with the prediction that he will bear a sound career in the profession of basketball.

Then, it was a time to join university for the completion of higher studies. To end this task, Jamal Crawford took admission in Michigan University. At Michigan University, Crawford was also an accepted skillful athlete with guts to prove himself in the basketball games.

Then, the time appeared when Jamal Crawford was drafted by the National Basketball Association (NBA) in the 2000 NBA Draft. Jamal Crawford was the 8th overall pick by the Chicago Bulls but Cleveland Cavaliers have drafted him as a freshman. He stayed there for four years; 2002-2004. Then, he stayed for further four years with the New York Knicks.

He has joined New York Knicks by being traded. Jamal Crawford was traded for Othella Harrington, Frank Williams, Dikembe Mutombo, and Cezary Trybanski.

Jamal Crawford was again traded to another team and he stayed there for only one year. From 2008-09, Jamal Crawford was traded to Golden State Warriors. Actually, Golden State Warriors badly needed a forward-centered player and for this they have approached New York Knicks. Considering this need of Golden State Warriors, New York Knicks have traded Crawford for Al Harrington.

It was December 20, 2008; Crawford has scored 50 points and took led against Charlotte Bobcats. He was the top four player of NBA (National Basketball Association) who has maintained the record of scoring 50 points with three different teams. Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks and Golden State Warriors were the teams with whom Crawford has played and maintained his record.

In 2009, Jamal Crawford has joined Atlanta Hawks and plays for them. Still today, Jamal Crawford used to play with the Atlanta Hawks. Jamal Crawford was also traded to the Atlanta Hawks by the Golden State Warriors. In 2010, Jamal Crawford has won an NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award 2010.

Whichever was the team whom Crawford has played, they were always hopeful with his performance that gives a lot in turning the fate of game even if it is near to losing side.


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