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Increase Vertical Leap

Let me tell you the truth about “increase vertical leap” facts. I have pretty much the same background as you have. For 5 years I’ve been struggling to improve my vertical.

And I learned they didn’t just buy useless “increase vertical leap” programs.I have personally tried and used number of different exercises and to be honest with you, 95% of them were garbage. But I did find however, certain exercises that really had an impact on my jumping. I’ve spent many many hours researching on the internet about “how did the basketball pros develop their vertical game”.

There are things you can do that are at your disposal already. There are things you can start doing from today and within 2 months you can see yourself jumping higher than you ever thought possible.

That my friend, is the truth. The problem is, you might ask, what is it that I can do?

Okay, let’s start with one of the effective ways you can do everyday to make sure you experience amazing results.


  • play basketball everyday
  • spend 45 minutes a day with your jump rope
  • make 50 “explosions” (jump as high as you can by bringing your
  • knees to your chest) everyday
  • find a stable box or a bench or anything and jump on it and then jump off of it. This completes one repetition. Do 30 repetitions every second day.
  • do 100 calf raises (stand straight with both legs together and then raise your heel off the ground so you are on your tippy- toes. Then lower your heels onto the ground again) everyday after you finish playing basketball.


Maintain this working attitude for 50 days. Good! I bet you thought it was going to be work


Well think about it, what was the thing, that Michael Jordan or Vince Carter or so many others high-flying sky-walkers did, that helped them bring their vertical game to that amazing level? What was it, that made Dominique Wilkins make those windmills or 360 spins so fast?

Weren’t you just disappointed in a way, from the thought that you can’t possibly do that and you thought you’d give just about anything to be able to do that, so that you can impress your friends maybe with your astonishing dunks. Sounds familiar?

Well here are some of the things I heard that Michael Jordan was doing to develop his vertical leap that he had at his best years of playing. Here is a “increase vertical leap” fact:

This is something I have heard so don’t take my word for it. He spent 2 hours a day, playing with weights on his legs. Not to mention the countless hours he spent on the court doing dunks or trying to perform dunks that he knew back then he wasn’t capable of.

Or how about to consider how many times he spent jumping under the rim just grabbing those rebounds. Isn’t it amazing to think how many pounds of sweat he has “drained” from his tireless body. And this is just an example.

The point is, every player that you can think of, has dedicated a great deal of time jumping and jumping and jumping. Why? Probably because he was inspired by someone just like you are right know. And what’s more important, he was d-e-t-e-r-m-i-n-e-d.

There are of course programs out there on the internet which are quite effective that will take you by the hand and show you the “short-cut”.

The thing is, it’s not easy man. It can get pretty ugly but you can’t possibly improve your vertical game just spending 20-30 minutes a day doing some simple and easy and “effective” exercises.

Unfortunately you’ll find dozens of basketball programs out there. And most of them are garbage. They are expensive and they are offering nothing more than a bunch of exercises that will “sky-rocket” your vertical leap for a very short time. You have to realize, my friend, that you have to work.

There is no other way. You’ve probably heard of those pills some people sell or some liquids or many other “increase vertical leap” stuff. Don’t, under any circumstance use “increase vertical leap” products like this because they are not tested and none of the NBA players are using them. They are medically untested and they can be very harmful.


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