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Increase Jumping Ability

This is the place to increase your jumping ability. Here, I’ll tell you how train smart and stay consistent and motivated.

And so, if you’re looking for exercises and you think you know how to train smart… check out this page, which has some articles full of jumping exercises.

But if you think that there’s something deeper in training, stick with me here and you’ll do better when the time is right. Okay, first let’s eliminate some self-limiting beliefs you might have. When you see high flyers like Jordan or Vince, you must’ve said to yourself.. They’re so lucky to have that gift and talent.

It’s like they are staying in the air for an extra second or two (they don’t by the way – I watched a documentary for that).

Alright, so always remember there isn’t one, one basketball player or any player who didn’t “invest” countless hours in the gym, on the streets or wherever sweating his ass to the max. No one. Talent has very little to do with it.

Maybe they knew how to train smart – which you’ll find out:)

So forget that! It takes work. Practice. Just go out there and practice. Don’t be fooled when you see superstars jump 40 inches and then they tell you that they’ve used this one program for a week or so and… “Bam”! – it all happened.

Come on, we all wish it was that easy. The vertical jump programswork for the short term. You need to do them over and over again and many programs in order to be extraordinary. That’s how you increase jumping ability.

First, know this: You don’t want to exercise 7 days a week. I’d be glad if you have that desire but too much is too much. You’d likely give up sooner and you won’t let your muscles develop. The ones that make you blast off the ground.

Secondly, inspire yourself over a long period of time. You need to be consistent when doing exercises for jumping higher. And not just in basketball, but in life. Consistency equals good positive habits which is worth more than anything. What am I saying here?

For example, in order to measure and be fully aware of your vertical leap, try to reach as high as you can by jumping. Mark the spot if you can.

Depending on you, if you’re starting out, your goal may be the net. Or the board. Or the rim, or anything else.

Let that motivate you. Set a goal that you’ll be able to reach even higher the next two weeks. Always be aware of where you’re at.

The more you focus your brain on improving your vertical leap, the more you’ll subconsciously know, you can be better than you’re now. When you know that, you’ll be upset not to improve. Like, literally, you will.

Next, it goes without saying that you need to warm up first, okay you know that. Jump rope or running is ideal. Now, three things are vital for growing your muscle. You must exercise. That’s the first one, you know that. Then you must have a proper nutrition, which means staying away from sugar and fat.

I’m not going to give you some charts with calories and vitamins and all that because I’m not an expert on that. There are million and one pages on that. Which reminds me. It’s not in the knowing, it’s in the doing. Don’t just read everything I say here, be sure to accept it and take action on it. Knowledge is not power. Knowledge with action is power.

And the third thing (those three things I mentioned), a lot of guys forget about, is, getting a good night sleep. 9 hours at least. That’s when the process “behind the scenes” is happening.

Whatever program you choose to work on to increase jumping ability, don’t judge it just too soon. We all want instant gratification but give it some time. It’s not the system that’s the most important, it’s your work ethics. Are you willing to do it right and do it again? It’s you. Also, don’t forget to wear basketball shoes because they secure the foot and reduce the chance of an injury.


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