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How to Jump Higher to Dunk the Basketball Just Like the Professionals

How will learning to jump higher to dunk the basketball assist you in youre game?

It will immediately provide you with the confidence needed, mentally, to dominate youre opponents on the court. The game of basketball is a physically demanding sport taking skill, athletic ability, and mental prowess. The mental aspect of the game is covered in detail in a later article so this piece will concentrate on the essential exercises that will lift your game to the highest level!


The Exercise That Will Help You Jump Higher and Dunk


When you ask yourself “What can I do in order to jump higher and dunk?” The answer is what you are doing right now! The very first step in achieving that stratospheric goal is to read the exercises that are presented right here! We have researched the very best and most proven and authentic vertical jump training exercises from the leading experts in the field and have condensed them for you.




Jumping Out of the Gym


Are you ready to hang from the rim and look down upon the very same guys that used to smile at you as you rode the pine in the big games? Then prepare yourself to be amazed as you learn how to jump higher to dunk. One of the most influential areas of the body in terms of being able to jump higher and dunk is the legs. No other body region will be as important as the explosion that must be created from these rocket launchers!

Please take a look at the first exercise that will help you develop the strength required to bring down the house with a Wicked Windmill or Chocolate Thunder from Down Under Dunk!


Explosion Squats: Designed to Increase the Amount of Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers


This leg extension exercise is formatted for optimum muscle growth and also has the extra added benefit for the training and recruitment of the slow twitch muscle fibers. Remember that the core essential item in an explosive vertical jump is to gather, through recruitment, the greatest number of fast-twitch muscle fibers and then lift off!

These leg exercises do just that as they are designed to make your legs recruit other muscles that are normally not utilized and then train them to be instantly recalled in the event of a vertical leap.

• This exercise is best completed on a leg press machine

• Set the weight at a lower setting for the first week (this is totally up to you)

• The goal of the first week is to acclimate your legs and back to the workout

• Place enough weight so that you can do no more than 8 reps at a time

• Complete 3 sets a day of 8 repetitions for the first week

• Increase the weight and or reps each week as you feel comfortable with

The goal is to train youre body and your mind into a vertical jump-training machine and then release that explosion all over the basketball court! You can do this and we are going to show you how and without all the extra’s that only create confusion and false promises.


You will learn how to jump higher to dunk with the precision of a professional baller!


The first week of training will be the hardest as your legs burn with every set and when you return home, you will really feel the workout! Understand that increasing your vertical jumping ability is hard work and nothing will be easy yet the results will increase the vertical leaping ability, it has to.

We have designed carefully and with great sincerity, a complete body-mind exercise routine that will have you swinging from the rim and you must complete each task and be totally committed to the goal.


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