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How to Improve Vertical Leap

Do you want to learn how to improve vertical leap or just learn how to improve the vertical leap ability on the basketball court?

Then your worries are over as you have come to the most relevant area on the Internet for just such a ‘lofty’ endeavor!

The best way to start out a program for increasing your vertical jump is to learn a little something about the muscles and how they lift you towards the goal of slamming the basketball down with authority!

Vertical leaping is the goal of most basketball players and improving your vertical leap is something that you can do rather easily. There are many sites on the Internet that claim and even show videos of little white guys 5 foot six and under doing 360’s and slamming home the ball with rim shaking ability.

These are mostly true as this ex-collegiate basketball player has witnessed players shorter than that slamming the basketball and it is just so inspiring to watch! Spud Webb comes to mind as well does a little-known player named Andre Turner who played with this writer during the 1984-87 University of Memphis basketball season.

Many vertical leap programs speak of three and 6 inch gains within a week but please don’t believe these. The only way to increase a vertical leap is to train the fast-twitch muscle fibers in your legs and lower back. Fast-twitch muscle fibers are just what they say they are muscles that respond very quickly and recover almost instantaneously to allow more energy burst which equates to a higher vertical leap.

The issue with those guys who cannot seem to get off the floor, like me, and are stuck on the ground is that their body, more importantly, the muscles of their legs and lower back are full of slow-twitch muscle fibers.

Just as the fast-twitch muscle fibers speak of in their name what they do so does the slow twitch guys. In theory, the only way to increase one’s vertical job is to retrain the slow-twitch muscle fibers and convince them through exercise and other program modalities to become fast-twitch muscle fibers.

A great method for increasing your vertical jump and learning how to improve your vertical leap is to eat properly and do a lot of ankle training and other floor exercises. A great way to exercise and learn all about increasing your vertical jump is to grab a nice-sized book and do this exercise.

Take the skinny-book and place it on the ground and in your bare feet position your toes only on the outer edge. Please make sure the book is only about 1 to 2 inches thick and do not try this on a 6 inch encyclopedia, not yet at least. This exercise is called the ‘Burn’ and will give you a taste of just what it takes to increase your vertical leap through exercise.

The next step is to, with only the grip of your toes and the power of your muscles; lift your body to the point where your feet are perpendicular to the book. Hold that position for a count of 5 seconds and then slowly lower the feet down. Do this exercise 30 minutes a day making sure to rest in between days for two months and then see how close you come to grabbing the rim. You can do this; you can increase your vertical leap and in turn become that great baller that you dream of being!


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