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How to Improve My Basketball Game

Well some coaches say players can improve daily, weekly and monthly.

Others say that teams improve during the season, while players improve only during the off season. So taking that as gospel, let’s say you can only improve your game during the off season. Here is what you can do.

Put aside time

You need to put aside time to practice for you individually. If someone wants you complete a five on five side for a game, you need to say no, if you are in your regimen of training. Put in the time and you will see the gains.

Do the same each day. Practice in the morning and play in the afternoons or vice versa. Do what is best for you. You are going to be the only one with the discipline to push yourself so you should have the intestinal fortitude to do it.

Alternative activities

In order to not get into a routine and lose interest and possibly stop, you need to shake up things with your own work out. Play twice a week and do individual drills three times a week. Play three times a week and do drills twice a week. While playing you can see if the drills are helping and if you need more drill work then make sure drills come before games.

There will always be time to play in games. But drill work will be lost once you start the season and all you really are doing is trying to maintain a good body and stay in game shape, nothing else.

Close to the season

Once you get close to preseason and or tryouts, then you can start to play as much as you work on drills. Start to get into game shape. Once official preseason starts you set aside only a few hours a week to do drills and use the rest of the time to scrimmage against teammates or future opponents.

During the season

Once the season is underway then it probably will be next to impossible to work on any drill or skills work. Ball handling or defense skills or even offensive skills are set aside for the most part. Yes, everything needs to be continuously worked on by time management is the key.

Devoting more time to game time situations is important. Working on special situations for a certain opponents and going over special defenses like a box and one or a triangle and two. All these types of things are worked on during the season.

Reaching the next level

If you are a substitute and you want to be a starter. Or if you are eighth man and you want more playing time, then you have to constantly be putting in extra time on the court and off. Lifting weights is important, practicing free throws, playing straight up man D or just practicing extra on your jumper.

All these things are individual attributes and if you want to make it to the next level you nee to dedicate the time to do so. Rome was not built in one night.


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