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Every Grow Taller Tip Here Can Make You Grow Taller

It’s too bad that there is the surgical option that someone heard as a grow taller tip. It promises so much and delivers so little.

I mean even if it did, I just don’t think it’s a good idea to try this new “revolutionary” technology that comes along. Ask neutral doctors. Doctors who are not paid to talk about how good a grow-taller products are. Ask a knowledgeable doctor and he’ll tell you.

It’s just way out of our nature. Our bodies are not meant to get such adjustments and operations. Too bad we all fall into that. We are not to blame because when we really want something we are ready to take risks and tend to believe all kinds of stuff.

People who stay clean and do proper exercises that are natural will always do better.

Here are some others DO’s and DON’T’s:



Grow taller tip # 1.

Play basketball, grab as many rebounds as you can. If you came to this website only wanting to get taller and you are not really interested in basketball then you can start swimming.

It involves stretching and your muscles get stronger. It’s a great sport.


better shooting


You want a proof that stretching your body will work even after puberty, and even after 20 years or maybe more? Here it is, this is a fact.

In baseball, the pitcher’s throwing arm is usually 1 or 2 and in rare cases 3 inches longer than the other. In case you are wondering why, let me tell you. It’s because the pitcher’s throwing arm is constantly being stretched. It’s totally normal.

Why do you think this girl has a long neck?

It’s due to the fact that her neck is being constantly stretched. The same thing with the pitcher’s throwing arm.

Here’s an ebook I recommend called the Grow Taller Guide

Grow taller tip # 2. Don’t try weight lifting. There are people out there telling you that body building works. It doesn’t! Okay? That’s a fact. If someone actually grew taller while body building, it’s because he was going to be even taller if he hadn’t started body building in the first place. He may have had the advantage of tall parents. That does help, of course.


If your parents aren’t tall, that’s not a reason to believe that you can’t be taller than them. Why?

Take a look at players like Yao Ming, Yi Jianlian and Sun Ming Ming. Do you think their parent’s were taller. It’s just a combinations of things that they did (nutrition, stretching, jumping, dunking, sleeping, good posture, proper exercising, yoga, etc.) that made them grew a lot.

Now, I know you may not even want to be that tall. You are probably not after 7 feet 7 inches. And if you are, that’s okay. Who am I to judge what is it that you are after?


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