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Glory Road

True story. “Glory Road” perfectly demonstrates the bad times the black people or “colored”, as they are called in this movie had to go through. Very hard times for them.

This movie is all basketball. I mentioned it, when talking about “Coach Carter” that “Glory Road” and “Coach Carter”, are my two favourite basketball movies.

I have those 2 movies along with another one compiled into a short clip up on my youtube channel. Here’s the link…

Motivational coach speeches from basketball movies

Coach Don Haskins goes out there recruiting players but the school doesn’t have enough money. He’s one of the first coaches to actively search for black people in the 60s.

Previously he was a girl’s basketball coach and many times he wasn’t taken seriously enough as a coach who intends to win.

He said…

“I don’t see color. I see quick, I see skill, and that’s what you have. And that’s what I’m putting on the court.”

And he was a tough coach though…

“You’re here to learn fundamental, disciplined, defensive basketball. Now, that means discipline on and off the court. No girls. No booze. No late nights. Nothing besides fundamental basketball. I speak, you listen. I don’t wanna hear “can’t” or “won’t”, or “Coach, I’m bleeding”. I don’t wanna hear anything except the basketball bounce. You play basketball my way. My way’s hard.”

Too bad, they’ll disappoint him, but I’m not telling you when.

As you can see on this picture, out of 12 players on his team, 6 were black, 6 were white. That’s the real coach with the real players in the picture. Not the movie. And when/if you watch the movie, you’ll see that the actors look a lot like them.

It’s about pride. That’s what this film is about. It’s about someone who thinks it’s better than the other. It’s about bad times when people had very wrong beliefs about the black people.

It’s about a basketball movie with a good leader who doesn’t wanna see behind the back passes or fancy footwork stuff. Only basic, simple, fundamental basketball is the order of the day. Would there be any fancy moves? I think there will be. Will there be any other problems among them? I think there will be…


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