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Free Youth Basketball Drills

There are a lot of websites out there that will offer tips and hints on different types of youth basketball drills, that are not only fun for the kids but also will teach them the basics of the game at the same time.

A lot of intramural coaches will use these skills in order to better his players without them losing interest. I will detail which free youth basketball drills are the best to use and where you can find them.

Some of the best websites to use for free youth basketball drills are,, and All of these sites can provide the basics for a first-time coach trying to motivate and better his team through drills.

Or it can be for the athlete who wants to improve his game on his own time. Both way, using these drills will be beneficial to any basketball player and the best part of all is that they are free.

All of these sites offer about the same info regarding basketball drills free of charge; however some excel at other things that the other sites just do not. Starting with; the site is very easy to navigate and everything is within fingertips divided by different types of drills for different levels of knowledge on the sport of basketball.

They have difficulty levels from the best players to the worst players and all in between. They also provide easy to read diagrams that any coach or player can comprehend with relative ease.

The site is a great site for all different types of coaches and not only provides different drills but also has plans for how to run a practice during different points in the season, which can be good for first time coaches that are not sure how hard to push their players during a long season.

This will give them a better idea of how players react to different varieties of practices during the season. This site also offers resources for the coach to be able to draw up plays.

They have printable floor diagrams that will allow the coach to come up with different plays that are easy to read for all players. Along with the floor diagrams, they will actually have pre-configured plays on the diagrams that will allow the coach to run the plays in an easy to read format.

The last site that offers free youth basketball drills is This was the best site that I saw for simply youth basketball as it has over 72 different drills specifically tailored for players between the ages of 7-14. It even goes even farther and separates that group into two groups depending on skills of the age group.

It also provides practice plans for beginner, intermediate, and advanced, in order to make sure that all players can compete in the drills and learn from them as well. This website also includes a blog that other coaches have wrote on sharing their coaching plans and how they can be used by any coach. This gives you feedback from all different types of coaches from all age groups.


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