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Finding Forrester

Finding Forrester gives you a unique perspective of a basketball player who wants to be a writer. He’s 16, somewhat talented in basketball but even more talented as a writer.

With some help of a legendary author played by Sean Connery he’ll extend his skills even further.

The whole movie is about them. They help each other in a weird way. One of the main reasons why he’ll play basketball was because basketball equals acceptance.

Throughout this movie he walks with the basketball and takes it with him, which kinda reminds of Pistol Pete Maravich. Not to that extent as Pitol of course.

It’s slightly more about developing your writing abilities with some thought provoking lines like… “First you write with your heart then you rewrite with your head” – which I think is very true.

There’ll be some basketball practice sessions and the standard Freshmen vs. Senior fight. One free throw shooting will very nicely directed. I don’t know what advice you can get about basketball by watching this movie.

I guess at some point, it talks about the fact that you can be talented in basketball and talented in something else as well and use your talents because when you use what you have, you’re give more.

Writing is emphasized more and for writers this is a great movie. Somewhere at the end of the movie Jamal, the main character, has a chance to win a championship for the basketball team in order to pursue his education.

His last two free throws are most crucial. No one really knows what happened.



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