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Famous Portuguese Basketball Players

The fact that to become a professional basketball player you have already gone through many obstacles as you reach the popularity that a famous professional basketball player as of this time.

Famous National Basketball Association or NBA players like Michael Jordan, had to pass through the whole of a needle before he did made a mark in the basketball history. Indeed, Michael Jordan was one of the greatest Basketball players in the history even though he is not anymore playing.

Aspiring basketball players always wish they could also acquire the skills of Jordan or Kobe Bryant or even LeBron James as they were really popular players. But, these men have only done their part and this one you should read.

In every country that has teams representing them for the international basketball association, there are or is a player who will shine the brightest. Maybe only a few had the luck to enter the basketball arena locally or internationally but who knows?

In Portugal, there is one basketball player that could surely be one of the greatest prides of their fellow Portuguese. He is Sergio Bruno Ramos.

Full name: Sergio Bruno Antunes Selores Ramos
Date of Birth: 11th of December, 1975
Place of Birth: Lisbon

Sergio Ramos is a professional Portuguese Basketball Player who have played for the country that he loves, Portugal. His height is and he is a very effective power forward as he plays for his team.

He just announced that he is already ending his international Basketball career after his country had finally made an exit from the EuroBasket on the year 2007. He is now currently playing for the Benfica team in the Portugal Basketball League.

Ramos was regarded as one of the most skilful basketball player in Portuguese during his generation of basketball games. He just became a basketball player after the Benfica team has already lost their shine in the Portuguese Basketball League. But even though that was the case, Ramos still had continued his great and beautiful start as a professional basketball player.

He pays well for the team and the team is witnessing very moment of his play time. As a young player, he still had won 3 awards even he has to leave his previous basketball league team representative. He had played for the Adecco Milano and of course the Serie A.

Ramos, as Portugal has already declared as not joining the EruoBasket in the year 2007, played for the teams outside his country. At 24, he had to leave Portugal to try his luck in the basketball arena in Adecco Milano he first had signed in the Serie A. until such time that he has to try another Italian team De Vizia Avelino whereas he has a lot of improvement in his kind of play.

After the Italian basketball season, he flew to Spain and played oft the Liga ACB. He stayed is that country for a total of four years, which he had reached the payoff for the title during the European Championships.

He finally came back to Portugal in the year 2008 for the 08-09 seasons to play for his current team Benfica. He is now the captain of the team as he has so many achievements in the basketball arena.


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