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4 Exercises To Increase Vertical Leap

Here you can find yet, another group of exercises to increase vertical leap. Some of these right here, are similar to the ones I’ve described on different pages of my website, and some of course are totally different.

Great portion of these exercises involve stretching and keeping the pressure on the key muscles that make you jump higher.

And always keep in mind, no pain no gain. So, having said that, let’s go..

For this first exercise you need 2 hand weights.

They should weigh no more than 10 pounds – 4.5 kilos (for average people who are not really into lifting weights)



What you do is, stand straight and take one weight in each hand. Keep your torso straight and rigid as you slowly do a forward lunge like this..



After the forward lunge you come back to your previous (standing position) and do a lateral lunge – to the side. This way you keep tension on your leg muscles and building strength. Do about 10 of these but do them sloooowly. Alright?

Praying squats. Here we have the normal, usual squats but instead, they’re little modified. You put your palms as if you’re praying. 15 of these are more than enough to hit the right muscles.



Take a medicine ball. With your hands, bring it to your chest and in one motion, throw the ball as high as you can while jumping with your legs about 2-3-4 inches.

When the ball comes down, you better move aside and let it bounce and then catch it. Do 10 reps of this one.

Jump on a box – but a little higher one. Make it around 60-70 even 80 cm if you can. Slowly work your way up. Just warm up, take a deep breath and jump on the box. Come down and do it 10 more times.


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