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Earl Boykins

The second shortest listed player of basketball Earl Boykins is an amazing athlete.

Earl Antoine Boykins was born on June 2, 1976 in Cleveland at Ohio. His height is 5 feet 5 inches. Earl Antoine Boykins is an American professional basketball player of National Basketball Association (NBA).

Earl Boykins plays being a point guard with the Milwaukee Bucks these days. He is from those basketball players of NBA who have pursued their professional career in switching to and staying with more than six teams. He has won a gold medal in his career in Summer Universiade in 1999 at Trapani.

Cleveland Central Catholic High School was his institute of high school education. Despite studying there, he started playing basketball from that platform and ha continued his passion even today.

Then, Eastern Michigan University is the choice of Boykins to gain the college level degree from here. He has stayed here from the year 1994 to the year 1998. During his junior and senior years at Eastern Michigan University, Boykins has been a part of All-Mid American Conference. Boykins has won the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship by averaging 26.8 points per game and has also scored 18 points when he has his last days at the university.

Basically, NBA has never drafted him professionally; in fact Earl Antoine Boykins has played on the basis of short-term contracts. An interesting happening took place when in 2007-08 season of NBA, Boykins being an unrestricted free agent, signed a contract of Italy to play with them. He ha signed a contract of $3.5 million for only one year.

There he has joined Virtus Bologna of Italian A. League. With this deal with the Italian A. League, Boykins remained the highest-paid player of the year. Then, he was accused of leaving the team without informing. He has left to see his ill son but soon there was a patch up and they had settled down with friendly ties. Then, he has returned to the States after a period of one year.

The list of team with whom Earl Boykins has played is almost never ending. Since, he has played with lots of team but he has always shown best of his efforts being a dedicated player. He has started his professional career in 1998 by joining Rockford Lightning and stayed with them from 1998-1999.

Then, in the year 1999, he has switched to three teams of NBA (National Basketball Association). Boykins has played with the New Jersey Nets first, Cleveland Cavaliers second and Orlando Magic at the last in 1999. Earl Boykins’ luck struck Los Angeles Clippers then and he has played with them from 2001-2002 for a single season being a point guard.

Then, it was a turn for Golden State Warriors to draft him for the NBA season 2002-2003. Boykins has spent most of his time with the Denver Nuggets from 2003-2007. He has joined Milwaukee Bucks only for short duration and then became a part of Charlotte Bobcats in 2008. In the same year, he left for Europe to build his career further and stayed there for one year. It was Virtus Bologna of Italy where he has played with well-paid salary and allowances.

In 2009, Boykins returned to the NBA and was drafted by the Washington Wizards. He has played for them till 2010 and again has joined Milwaukee Bucks and is still playing for them.



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