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Duke Basketball Players

Today we are going to take a look at one of the strongest schools in the sport of basketball in the country.

The Duke Blue Devils have placed so many great players into the National Basketball Association that it should be called the Retired Blue Devil Alumnus Association of Very Well Educated Players!

That was a little joke, a very little joke, but you get the point. The Duke University Blue Devils have won a bunch of Atlantic Coast Conference Championships as well as national Championships it is only fitting that these players are some of the most-populated players in the big league.

Big School Big League Players

This is a listing, as of 2010, of all the Duke players that have played atleast one play in a regular season game that have played atleast one play in the NBA.

We had to draw a certain line in the sand and a distinction since there have been a handful of Duke University players that have been drafted by NBA teams but either never made it to training camp or sustained an injury that prevented them from seeing any action in the league. Duke Basketball Players in the NBA

• Abdelnaby, Alaa 1990-1994

• Alarie, Mark 1986-1990

• Armstrong, Tate 1977-1978

• Avery, William 1999-2001

• Banks, Gene 1981-1986

• Battier, Shane 2001-2009

• Boozer, Carlos 2002-2009

• Brand, Elton 1999-2009

• Crow, Mark 1977-1977

• Davis, Brian 1993-1993

• Dawkins, Johnny 1986-1994

• Deng, Luol 2004-2009

• Dennard, Kenny 1981-1983

• Denton, Randy 1971-1976

• Duhon, Chris 2004-2009

• Dunleavy, Mike 2002-2009

• Ewing, Daniel 2005-2006

• Ferry, Danny 1990-2002

• Gantt, Bob 1946-1946

• Gminski, Mike 1980-1993

• Groat, Dick 1952-1952

• Henderson, Dave 1987-1987

• Heyman, Art 1963-1969

• Hill, Grant 1994-2009

• Hurley, Bobby 1993-1997

• Jones, Dahntay 2003-2009

• Kennedy, Joe 1968-1970

• Kistler, Doug 1961-1961

• Laettner, Christian 1992-

• Lang, Antonio 1994-1999

• Langdon, Trajan 1999-2001

• Lewis, Mike 1968-1973

• Maggette, Corey 1999-2009

• Marin, Jack 1966-1976

• McLeod, Roshown 1998-2000

• McRoberts, Josh 2007-2009

• Melchionni, Gary 1973-1974

• Mullins, Jeff 1964-1975

• Nelson, DeMarcus 2008-2008

• Nessley, Martin 1987-1987

• Parks, Cherokee 1995-2003

• Randolph, Shavlik 2005-2009

• Redick, J.J. 2006-2009

• Riedy, Bob 1967-1967

• Spanarkel, Jim 1979-1983

• Taylor, Vince 1982-1982

• Vacendak, Steve 1967-1969

• Verga, Bob 1967-1973

• Williams, Jay 2002-2002

• Williams, Shelden 2006-2009

Now that you have seen all of the players from Duke university that have made it all the way top the NBA do you see any of your favorite players in this listing?

We certainly can recall so many great players as well as great plays that had these players in the mix and we feel, as many do, that the state of North Carolina is the best spot to locate and start a lifelong association to the NBA from.

Global Fun

What we mean is that not only are the Duke basketball players prolific in the National Basketball Association but also the Tarheels, Wolfpack and the Demon deacons all have made a strong showing in the Big leagues as well.

The entire area is a hotbed and a hotbed that ranks as the number one location for basketball recruits in the entire world not just the United States. We have to include the world and her players as the sport of basketball is now felt and played on every continent on the planet.



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