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Drew Gooden Bio

If it is said that the existence of “The Truth” is because of Drew Gooden in basketball then it will be quite true.

Drew Gooden has this name in his college times and is still known by this name in the World. Andrew Gooden was born on September 24, 1981 in Oakland at California.

He is an American professional basketball player of National Basketball Association (NBA). Nowadays, Gooden is playing for Milwaukee Bucks. He plays in the centre and power forward position. Other than Milwaukee Bucks, Gooden has got the chance to play with many of the basketball teams.

Andrew Melvin Gooden’s father and mother are Finnish. His father’s name is Andrew Gooden and his mother’s name is Ulla. They have filed for divorce and then his father took him to the United States of America.

They were shifted to the California. On the back of Drew Gooden’s head there is a thick growth of hair on an area. According to Gooden, it is a style and he calls it a Duck Tail. Gooden has such view that it will bring people’s attention towards me.

When he was a young kid, he used to play piano and enjoys it. Then, with the growing years in his life has developed an interest of basketball playing in him. He has started playing basketball and now emerged as a star in his field.

Drew Gooden has joined El Cerrito High School and has also studied in Bloomington High School from the Bloomington, Illinois. In his high school times, he keeps on playing basketball and used to participate in inter-school contests. He improved his skills by playing Basketball more and more starting from his school days, practicing in college days and then eventually adopting it as a profession.

Then, Drew Gooden has joined University of Kansas. He continued pursuing his career in basketball even at University. He has participated in the 2000 NCAA Basketball Tournament and 2001 NCAA Tournament Sweet Sixteen. Drew Gooden has contributed by playing in the Big 12 Conference and 2002 NCAA Tournament. In 2002, Drew Gooden was named as NABC Player of the Year.

Memphis Grizzlies have selected him on the 4th overall pick in 2002 NBA Draft. He is a professional and good natured player. The Sporting News has named him as a “Good Guy in Sports”. After a year, Gooden has joined Orlando Magic. In the year 2004, Cleveland Cavaliers have traded him because they were in need of power forward player. When one year has passed, Gooden has signed a contract of worth $23 million to play for three more years with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Then, from 2008-09, Chicago Bulls have selected Gooden to play with them. He has started working as a free agent and has played with the Sacramento Kings in 2009.

It was still 2009 when Drew Gooden has joined San Antonio Spurs to represent them. In the 2010, Drew Gooden has played with the Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Clippers and then finally Milwaukee Bucks. He is still playing with the Milwaukee Bucks by playing basketball.



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