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Detroit Pistons Stadium

Detroit Pistons Stadium is The Palace of Auburn Hills which is often simply called The Palace. It is located in the Detroit suburb of Auburn Hills, Michigan.

It is situated in Wayne Country along the Detroit River between Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie in Michigan. The city has a population of around 911,000 and is also the also home to Domino’s Pizza and Little Ceasar. The Palace of Auburn Hills consists of 180 luxury suites.

It is the home of the Detroit Shock of the Women National Basketball Association currently called the Tulsa Shock, Detroit Vipers, Detroit Fury and Detroit Safari.


Created When?

**when there was still no “The Palace of Auburn Hills” the Pistons have no venue for playing**

In 1978, Bill Davidson decided to relocate the team Detroit to the Pontiac Silverdome.

Bill Davidson opted not to share with Joel Louis Arena. Because of the large area of Pontiac Silverdome it became a place where football is held and can handle a large number of crowd, it is also good for basketball viewing.

After that Davidson bought a vacant land in Auburn Hills from Joseph Shewach and immediately built the palace there. It was personally funded by Davidson and company. The Palace was budgeted a small amount only ($70 million).



It opened in 1988 and started to make history.

How did it become Detroit Pistons Stadium?

The Palace of Auburn Hills opened in time for the National Basketball Association championship season in 1988-1989. Since then it became Detroit Pistons Stadium.

Here are some of the reasons why it is called Detroit Pistons Stadium or simply known as their home:

• Pistons won 3 National Basketball Association (NBA) titles
• Detroit Shock’s won 3 Women National Basketball Association (WNBA) titles


About the place?


The Palace of Auburn Hills has a seating capacity of 22,076 fans. It has different types of banners that are hung in the rafters. The structural or architectural design of the Palace includes multiple tiers of luxury suites. It is basically designed based on other professional arenas in other countries (specifically countries in North America.)

It is a unique arena because it has not sold their naming rights to any sponsor. It is one of the five National Basketball Association arenas that have not sold their rights. The Palace of Auburn Hills was included in the 8 basketball arena that is owned by their respective franchise.

The Palace of Auburn Hills is one of the oldest arena in the NBA. The Pistons have not come up yet with a decision of replacing or reconstructing the place because it contains almost the amenities and function rooms that new arenas have nowadays. It also has a High Definition Jumbotron monitor and LED video monitors that is very much necessary.

This made The Palace of Auburn Hills one of first modern-style stadium. The Palace contains plenty of luxury suites which made it a big hit for the people and for other arenas to copy it.



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