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Corey Maggette Bio

Corey Antoine Maggette is a multi talented player in the professional field of basketball.

He is an American native and he has been active in sports since childhood. He plays for the National Basketball Association (NBA) and currently he is playing to represent Milwaukee Bucks of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Maggette is a versatile player who plays in the small forward position and also plays as the Shooting guard in the basketball. Any team who selects him or draft him always take advantage of his playing because of his varied positions while playing basketball.

Corey Antoine Maggette was born on November 12, 1979 in Melrose Park at Illinois. He was raised in the Illinois and has received his early education from there. From the beginning, it always seems that Maggette is a passionate player with numerous guts.

Soon, this has been proved when he was active into sports. Besides being a player of basketball, he also used to play long jump and triple jump. Maggette was among the finalists in the long jump and triple jump at the time of his high school studies. Corey Maggette has joined Fenwick High School in Oak Park at Illinois. He was an All-American there and used to play basketball besides other sports.

After his schooling, he was admitted to the Duke University. He has played 39 matches there and has averaged 10.6 points per game, 3.9 rebounds per game and 1.5 assists per game in a single year of the season.

This performance has led him to the NCAA Championship game and he was honored as the “All ACC Tournament Second Team” as he has averaged 13 points per game. He has also scored 24 points per game which were recorded as the season highest score.

In 1999, Seattle Supersonics has drafted him in the 1999 NBA Draft from the Duke University. He was selected being the 13th overall pick in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Since Seattle Supersonics has drafted him but he was traded to the Orlando Magic due to a deal between both of these teams.

Maggette has spent the time from 1999-2000 with the Orlando Magic. Then, in 2008; Maggette has been selected by the Los Angeles Clippers and he has spent most of his time with the Clippers. He has participated in the Slam Dunk Contest while playing with Los Angeles Clippers.

It was 2008, when the rumor spread that Corey Maggette has joined Golden State Warriors for five years. The contract was of four years in fact.

This contract was signed because of the deal of $ 40,000,000 between the Warriors and Maggette. In the June 22, 2010; Corey Maggette was selected by the Milwaukee Bucks. He was traded with the Charlie Bell and Dan Gadzuric between Golden State Warriors and Milwaukee Bucks .Corey Maggette is an excellent player in making free throws and he has won the title1998 McDonald’s All-American.

In the season of 2003-2004, Corey Maggette has led NBA in free throws and has also maintained this record. He is also an active being in social life. In 1999, he has established “Corey Maggette Flight 50 Basketball Camp” and he undertakes the charity program to buy tickets for the needy people and allow them to watch the game in this way. He also donates in the hospitals.

He has founded “Corey Cares Foundation” who does community work for the basketball. He has also won NBA Player’s Best Camp Award.



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