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College Basketball Records

Some of the biggest college basketball records records include great individual performances on the hard wood floors.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association has had so many great tournament games many phenomenal single-season records that it is hard to speak about them all.

What we can do is make a short list and speak about some of the most awe-inspiring single-season records of college players that may or may not have gone on to the NBA and became superstars.

A great college career does not guarantee a superb NBA career as many teams in the NBA have unfortunately found out with multimillion-dollar contracts awarded to 19-year-old incoming rookies that scored three points their entire career.

Although these days with the explosion of both the popularity of professional basketball and the enormity of the NBA contracts awarded to these players, it is easy to see why mistakes can be made.

A few of the college players that were definitely not mistakes are listed below and the records in which these winners either still hold today or smashed during their playing days at their beloved college institutions of higher learning, playing basketball.

These dynamic college players deserve a round of applause for their efforts as anyone who has played the game of basketball knows how difficult it is to even score a point or grab one rebound! These guys shattered the records and the numbers that are seen above are simply amazing. The greatest thing about researching and learning all there is to know about college basketball records is that they can be broken within any game, any time, anywhere.

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The National Collegiate Athletic Association or better known as the NCAA is so varied and eclectic with its team members that settling on just one team to care for and follow is a very difficult decision for some people. A great way to learn about the college basketball game is to look back into the history books.

You will see exactly what some of these young players did and remind yourself that these players were 18 to 21 years old and even younger at times when they shattered the records that had been held for decades earlier, and did all that as college basketball players in school!

The importance of NCAA basketball records is that only through adequate recordkeeping and celebrating the antics and individual performances for the past great players can we look forward to the future and see a brighter one indeed for the game of college basketball. The NCAA college basketball committee exists to regulate both school and player and the coaches that run these dynamic youthful athletes so that their lives after basketball can be solid and socially contributory.

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A great education is one of the big as byproducts and benefits of having a scholarship offer from a university regardless of the size of that school.

Maybe one day you will see your own name on the NCAA basketball records ledgers for most points scored in a season or even most attempts at three-pointers made, wouldn’t that be great?



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