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College Basketball Mascots

From Longhorns to Blue Devils the college basketball mascots are great to learn about and even more fun to cheer on! The University of Texas Longhorns are proud owners of a mascot with the name Bevo.

This is a 1300 pound Longhorn bovine that is ever-present during the team’s NCAA football games and some frequent appearances in other sporting events and university sanctioned opportunities.

While Bevo is a great mascot for the University of Texas it is in no way the most interesting or the most beloved. That honor has to go to Purdue Pete college basketball‘s most wonderful mascots offering for the Purdue University Boilermakers.

Purdue Pete is one of the greatest college basketball mascots of all time and there are many reasons for that justification. The first being that this is a larger-than-life replica of a real boilermaker who sweats and toils in the factories of the Midwest making the steel products so that America can stay strong and viable.

Boilermakers create more than just boilers that heat and cool the homes and offices of the United States and abroad, these guys work long hours forming steel into workable objects such as tables and rulers.

The homage that is paid through the use of mascots throughout the country can be seen in a short list of some of the most fascinating and exciting mascots.

Purdue University Boilers Purdue Pete

University of Florida Gators Albert E. Gator

University of Texas Longhorns Bevo

University of Kentucky Wildcats The Wildcat

University of North Carolina Ramses the Bighorn Sheep

Duke University Blue Devils Blue

Georgetown University Hoyas Jack the Bulldog University Memphis Tigers Tom the Tiger

The world of mascots is a vibrant and steeped in traditional world. With the above lists serving as a guide we can look at Tom the Tiger from the University of Memphis Tigers basketball program for reverent and unstoppable fanaticism and team support.

better shooting

During any game of basketball in the University of Memphis’s new basketball stadium The Pyramid, Tom the Tiger frequently runs up and down the sidelines cheering on his beloved Tigers to victory.

better shooting

While this has been a hit or miss affair during the 2010 season for the Tigers basketball squad it normally is not as this is one of the most winning teams in all of the Conference USA division.

Another great college basketball mascots offering is the University of North Carolina’s bighorn sheep named Ramses. Many schools have live animals for replication of their college mascot name and the University of North Carolina is no different. Ramses the big horn sheep is the official mascot of The University of North Carolina Tar Heels and is seen at all the home games and some of the visiting ones as well.

If it is an official NCAA- sanctioned college basketball game and the home team allows it, the University of North Carolina’s Ramses can be brought to the gymnasium for all the other fans to have a look at a real live bighorn sheep! One mascot that really deserves attention this year in college basketball mascots for 2010 is Purdue Pete of the Purdue Boilermakers! Go Boilers!


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