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College Basketball Jersey Trends

There is no doubt about it, the style of a team’s jersey says a lot about the players and the team as a whole.

If a player comes out for warm-ups wearing a uniform form the late nineties, and an opposing player comes out wearing the latest racer-back Under Armor jersey, who do you think will be taken more seriously as a hoopster?

The answer is simple: the one in the more modern, more up-to-date uniform will definitely be seen as a baller while the other will probably be viewed as someone whose skills are as throwback and vintage as the uniform he or she wears. Here are some of the most recent trends in Men’s and Women’s basketball jerseys:

• Materials

• Style

• Colors

• Brands

• Length



Moisture-wicking materials are definitely in the rise for jerseys, both at the lower and elite basketball team levels. In college and the professional leagues, especially, the demand for high-performance materials like what is produced by Under Armor or Nike is increasing dramatically. Many high school teams are making the switch as well – moving from stiffer polyester or rayon blended fabrics to smoother, more breathable materials. This allows for superior comfort and improved moisture wicking, which is perfect for the truly competitive and hard-working athlete.


Without a doubt, the racer-back style is in high style right now, especially for Women’s team jerseys. While Men’s uniforms typically do not cut in as much, they often curve inward at the backs of the shoulders as well. This allows for ease of motion as well as more comfort for the player, since their arm motions are not in any way hampered by excess fabric.


Even though college and professional teams have team colors that are set in stone, many youth teams get to choose their colors from season to season. Typically they will pick colors that correspond to older teams that they look up to; Green, Red, Black, and Gold are all very popular, as well as a few more non-traditional colors such as Purple and Yellow.



As mentioned previously, companies such as Nike and Under Armor are beginning to corner the jersey market. This is due in large part to the move toward the moisture-wicking materials that these companies are famous for using in their products. The benefit to this is that jerseys are manufactured by a reputable and popular company that has vast experience designing clothing that is not only highly functional and long lasting, but that also looks great and wears extremely well, no matter your body type.


Let’s face it – short or mid-length shorts are out and the longer styles are making their way back in. Uniform lengths are always changing, and it seems that they are continually rotating between mid-length and long. The very short shorts of the seventies, for example, are no longer in style at any point, which is of great relief to many.

The current trend is for shorts to be just above the knee, although there will always be those that will sag them down or pull them up according to their individual preference. One great thing that Under Armor is doing is offering shorts in lengths, so that you can order, say, a pair that is Large plus one – meaning the shorts are size Large with an additional inch of length added to the legs.
No matter who you are or where you play, your jersey says a lot about you and your team, so wear your team colors with pride, knowing that comfort, quality, and style are on your side.



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