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Coach Carter

True story. “Coach Carter” and “Glory Road” are my two favourite movies.

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I have those 2 movies along with another one compiled into a short clip up on my youtube channel. Here’s the link…

Motivational coach speeches from basketball movies

To be frank, I don’t have many bad things to say about this movie. Sadly:). It’s probably the best movie about discipline and integrity.

Coach Ken Carter was a real man (the guy in the picture). He coached an unbeaten team but had many students with very low grades. Ken Carter is played by Samuel L. Jackson and man, after watching the movie, I think they couldn’t have picked a better actor. Two words are written all over him. Discipline and integrity.

He doesn’t actually use the word “integrity” but I just did. And by integrity I mean “wholeness”. He wanted to help those guys get into college and avoid the streets and ending up death or going to jail, which was often the case for young guys, (especially black) in Richmond.

Hey, this is true stuff. This thing happened. If you don’t watch the movie at least take into account this…

…Unless, they go to college, here’s what Ken Carter sees:

“I see a system, designed for you to go to jail. Now, I know you all like stats so let me give you some. Richmond High only graduates 50% of its students.

And of those that do graduate, only 6% go to college. Which tells me, when I walk down the halls and look in your classrooms, maybe only student is going to go to college.

Well damn, Coach Carter, if I ain’t going to college, where am I going to go. Now, that’s a great question. And the answer for young African American men in here is this. Probably to prison. In this country, 33% of black males between 18 and 24 get arrested.”

If you believe in winning, teamwork, dignity and respect. Not showing off, meaning having some class. No trash talk, no nothing. This movie is probably the best one.



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