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Chris Bosh

Christopher Wesson Boss is a professional Basketball player of Miami Heat at NBA (National Basketball Association). He was on March 24, 1984 at Dallas, Texas.

He gained high school education from the Lincoln High School. Chris Bosh joined Georgia Tech to complete his college studies. Though he is a professional Basketball player yet he always emphasizes on gaining knowledge and gets education to the students.

Christopher Wesson Boss has also established a Foundation and is active in the public speaking regarding the advantages of reading for the youth. He is a member of National Society of Black Engineers and has also joined the Dallas Association of Minority Engineers.

He is a son from a learned family. His father is Plumbing Engineer and mother is a computer system analyst. He has only one sibling. Both of these brothers were proficient in karate and gymnastic classes. Once, Chris had a meeting with John Salley in the lobby of Dallas hotel. He gave Chris an autograph and has also talked to him about Basketball.

Chris was already a fan of John Salley and from there; His interest had developed more in the Basketball.

He was a bright student who has always earned respect and attention from teachers and students as well. He is such a determined person that whenever he thinks of attempting any task, he always gives it a finishing touch by his effort. Same trait of his is observed in his way of playing even today.

When he was learning at Lincoln High School, he was at the number one ranking in the country and was announced number one by the USA Today in National Championship. When it was time to join college for further studies, then University of Florida, University of Memphis and Georgia Tech was in a row to admit Chris in their college as he will bring repute to the institute in the field of sports too. Joining Georgia Tech was the personal choice of Christopher Wesson Boss.

At Georgia Tech, he studied Graphic Designing, Computer Imaging and then Management. Though he was a dedicated student and always has intentions to complete his degree program but his career in sports has pursued him to leave the college and join NBA. He was also foreseeing his future in the NBA.

In the Rookie season, Chris Bosh was a team member of Toronto Raptors. In 2010, Chris Bosh has joined Miami Heat and is still playing for that.

In 2002, at Isla Margarita, Christopher Wesson Boss won Bronze medal at FIBA Americas U18 Championship. In the FIBA World Championship, he won a bronze medal at Japan in 2006. He has won a gold medal in the Team Competition in 2008 Olympics Games.

In the year 2004, Chris Bosh was titled as an NBA All-Rookie First Team. Then, in 2004, he was awarded as All-NBA Second Team. It was six times in his professional career that he remained an NBA All-Star because of his thrilling performances from the year 2006 to 2011.



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