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Chris Anderson

“Birdman” of everyone around the globe is Chris Anderson. Chris Anderson is an American Professional basketball player.

He plays in centre position and as power forward position. He was born on July 7, 1978 in Long Beach at California. Chris Anderson, an athlete with the height of 6 feet 10 inches and has a weight in 228 pounds.

Chris Andersen being a “Birdman” celebrates by crossing his arms and flaps his hands like wings of a bird by blocking a shot. He is liked by the people because of the tattoos which he used to imprint on his arms, chest, hands, legs, neck and back. In case of tattoos, his choice is always the colored tattoos for him.He started his high school education from the Texas.

There, he has joined Lola High School. He used to play basketball there and was an active figure in participating in games. He used to participate in interschool’s contests. After this, Chris Andersen got admission in the Blinn College. Throughout the time when Andersen stayed at college, he studied only for one year and had also played for one year there. Then, he was not drafted by the National Basket Ball Association (NBA). Since, currently he has played for Denver Nuggets but he was selected by New Mexico Slam of NBA.

Chris Anderson started off his professional career in basketball from the National team of China. He joined Chinese Basketball League and he has represented Jiangsu Nangang, China. It was a time from the year 1999 to 2000. Then, after 2000, Chris Anderson has joined New Mexico Slam.

In the year 2004 and 2005, Chris Anderson has participated in NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Andersen has played the contests of NBA All-Star Weekend and has finished the second and fourth games with remarkable performances.

Besides playing for the Chinese team, he has pursued his career with the National Basketball Association (NBA). He was not stick to a single team but keeps on switching over for playing and representing different teams. He has also played with IBA for Fargo-Moorhead Beez in the season 2000-01. In 2000, Chris Anderson has played for New Mexico slam.

Then, from 2001-2004, he has served himself at the verge of the Denver Nuggets. New Orleans Hornets have selected him for their team. It was the year of 2004 when Andersen was selected and then he played with this team till two years. In 2006, Andersen was banned from playing because of the violation against drugs. Denver Nuggets was again his future from the year 2008 and still he is surviving there to show his skills in basketball.

On January 25, 2006; Chris Andersen has violated the league’s anti-drug policy and he was banished from NBA to play further. He was disqualified by the NBA to play basketball for the period of two years. Then, on March 5, 2008, Chris Andersen has signed the contract of playing with the New Orleans Hornets. He has played against Indiana Pacers when the punishment period was over.

Then, from 2008 and onwards, Andersen has joined Denver Nuggets for once again. The best which Andersen has played was hitting 5.68 blocks per 48 minutes in the NBA.



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