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Celtic Pride

Celtic Pride is THE perfect movie if you’re a fan of the Boston Celtics or Utah Jazz or any other team in the NBA.

Call some friends over and start rolling on the floor because this movie has some hilarious scenes.

Pretty good story two. Two “loveable losers” are these hard-core Celtics fans and they believe in luck. Oh yeah, baby. They do everything they can, to contribute to the team. They eat, sleep and breathe basketball.

Daniel Stern (the thief from “Home Alone” – the tall one) is about to get divorced because he’s so freaking into the Celtics. As a player he never made it and now he’s living his dream through Celtics as a fan. In addition he’s a basketball teacher to seven year olds.

In the movie, he and his buddy will go all the way to humiliate themselves in order to save the Celtics. Well… Maybe not the Celtics but, anyways, watch the movie. The coach of the Utah Jazz is so funny in this one scene when he starts spitting that I couldn’t stop laughing.



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