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Caron Butler

James Caron Butler is an American professional Basketball player in NBA (National Basketball Association).

He represents himself as a Basketball player for Dallas Mavericks. He was born on March 13, 1980 at Racine, Wisconsin. Caron Butler is forward positioned Basketball player. He has food restaurants based on 6 outlets across the USA.

He is married and lives at Centreville, Virginia with his wife Andrea and daughter Mia. Nowadays, he is attending Business Management classes at Duke.

He has attended the Connecticut College; he played in 2001 FIBA World Championship for Young Men and won gold medal. Caron Butler was selected by the Miami Heat in NBA (National Basketball Association). On his draft day, nine teams nominated him and offered him that they would pay him for the rest of his career years. Finally, he was a selection of Miami Heat.

In the first season when he played, he averaged 15 points and 5 rebounds. In the season 2005-06, Caron Butler and Chucky Atkins were traded to the Washington Wizards. On Feb 13, 2010, he was again traded to Dallas Maverick. Unfortunately, during the last month of this year, it was confirmed that Butler will undergo from the knee surgery and he would miss this season.

One of the coaches of Caron Butler has given him the nickname, “Tough Juice” because of his aggressive attitude in playing basketball. At that time, he was playing for Washington Wizards. During the year 2004-05, Caron Butler had also played with Los Angeles Lakers. Thus from 2002-04, he played with Miami Heat, and then in 2004-05, he has joined Los Angeles Lakers.

Caron Butler had played most with the Washington Wizards from 2005 to 2010. He has made Dallas Maverick his identity from 2010 to the present now. He is declared unfit nowadays because of his knee injury.

In the year 2007 and 2008, James Caron Butler was awarded the title of NBA All-Star twice. When he has started his professional career in NBA, hen in 2003, Caron Butler was honored as an NBA All-Rookie First Team.

Interestingly, in 2009, it was declared by Caron Butler that he was a mountain Dew addict. He is habitual of taking it before going to bed. Then, at 2:00 in the night, he woke up and had another one. While jumping out of bed, he took another one. Similarly, he was addicted to such an extent that he drinks it before going for practice and then two drinks during practice and while playing game even.

Then, his health was badly affected and he quit that addiction. Soon, he observed positive changes in body by losing 11 pounds. When James Caron Butler was not even 15 years old, he was imprisoned 15 times because of drinking. He used to deal in drugs at the age of 11 years.

Caron Butler had worked in the King Burger during his youth and now he is the owner of King Burger six food restaurant outlets in the America. He has plans that when he will be retired from NBA and Basketball playing then he would open a group home and run it being a coach.



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