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Choose Your Carmelo Anthony Wallpaper

He’s not your regular rookie. Carmelo Anthony is a guy that scored 30 points in his sixth career game.

That’s why this edition of wallpapers is here. Many say that he gains some weight, losees it and then gains it back on.

It’s true that he’s very conscious of that but a lot of guys want to exaggarate that. Melo was the third overall pick in the 2003 NBA draft behind LeBron and Darko Milicic. I agree that LeBron deserved the number one spot and he proves it every day but Darko?

I’d have to go ahead and sorta disagree with his second place, being before Carmelo. Carmelo Anothony jumps a lot, scores a lot and dunks a lot.

In one season, he’s had more dunks than Shaquille Oneal, Dwayne wade, Kobe Bryant and even LeBron James.

Here they are…



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